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Rick Scott remains coy about 2018 U.S. Senate, governor races

New Year’s Eve found Gov. Rick Scott lunching with President Donald Trump.

Trump has all but anointed Scott to be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate this year, and Republicans have obliged that path by clearing the field for the Governor.


In Jacksonville Tuesday, Scott faced now-familiar questions on this race … as well as his feelings about the Governor’s race, which sees Trump backing U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis to replace Scott as Governor.

Scott faced the questions, yet he didn’t come close to answering them.

Scott noted that in terms of the Governor’s race, he hasn’t endorsed yet — and gave no indications of preference.

Regarding a potential run for Senate. Scott noted that he has “390 days” in office, again punting on that question, even as reporters asked him straight up if he was running for Senate.

Most informed speculation has been that Scott won’t make his plans known either way regarding the Senate race until the end of the Legislative Session in March.

Clearly, he’s in no rush to make pronouncements on the GOP nominee to succeed him either.

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