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Up for House hearing, ‘fake’ abortion clinics targeted in new ads

A bill poised to be heard on the House floor Thursday is the target of a recent digital ad launch by Progress Florida because the legislation would fund anti-abortion pregnancy clinics.

Progress Florida released the digital ad series this week, encouraging legislators to oppose the bill and educating voters on the caveats of anti-abortion clinics.

The bill, HB 41, would require the Florida Department of Health to contract with the Florida Pregnancy Care Network, a crisis pregnancy network with clinics that offer free pregnancy tests, peer counseling, referrals, classes on pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and life skills.

The clinics do not provide or refer for abortion.

According to Progress Florida, “Crisis pregnancy centers are known to pose as legitimate health clinics offering reproductive health services and pregnancy-related information. In reality, they shame and mislead women, often denying them the care they want or need.”

Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo said, “By funding these anti-abortion fake clinics, Florida would put a stamp of approval on denying women the ability to make decisions about their own bodies and futures.”

The House bill has a Senate companion (SB 444).

Both digital ads target SB 444, which was filed by Jacksonville Republican Sen. Aaron Bean.

One ad’s copy reads: “Florida’s Senate Bill 444 would send your tax dollars to fake, anti-abortion clinics that masquerade as ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ and harm Florida women.”

Another reads: “Florida’s Senate Bill 444 will let so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ use YOUR tax dollars to deceive Florida women about abortion.”

Here are the accompanying graphics:

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