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Rick Scott says only ‘career politicians’ are concerned with his blind trust

As the Senate campaign between challenger Rick Scott and incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson rounds into shape, the Governor’s finances continue to be a talking point.

Florida Democrats have said the Republican Governor has offered “nothing but silence” regarding “his own secret account … and how he has become $46 million wealthier while he is in office.”

In Jacksonville for a Wednesday morning roundtable with local businesspeople, Scott broke that silence, but offered little in the way of disclosure.

“This is just career politicians that are … these are just attacks to not talk about the issues,” Scott said.

“I’ve been very transparent with regard to my net worth,” Scott said. “I’ve put my assets in a blind trust so I would not have any conflicts. So I don’t know actually what’s in the blind trust.”

Scott noted that he doesn’t take a salary as Governor.

“I sold the state planes,” Scott said, “and I pay most of the cost to fly around the state.”

“These are just attacks,” Scott added, “because Democrats don’t want to talk about the real issues.”

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  1. I am not a career politician and I am interested in Rick Scott’s not at all blind trust and his long list of other unlawful activities contained in the People of the State of Florida v. Rick Scott et al, the July 4, 2016 petition submitted to Justice.

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