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Field expands: 29 pols clamor for gubernatorial ​Jacksonville City Council appointments

Less than a week ago, Gov. Rick Scott suspended two Jacksonville City Council members who face 38 federal counts in a scheme to defraud local and federal taxpayers.

That suspension created two vacancies that, as of Friday afternoon, have 29 applicants.

The replacements for suspended Democrats Katrina Brown and Reggie Brown will be picked by Scott. They would serve until/unless the individual Council members are exonerated, or the installation of 2019 electeds on July 1 — whichever comes first.

And, as of Friday afternoon, what was clear was that Scott will have a lot of candidates from which to select.

The list: Darrin Williams, Terrance BrisbaneBrenda Priestly JacksonJu’coby PittmanTameka HollyCelestine Mills, Terry Fields, Angela NixonChristopher PendletonJean TranquilleRandolph HallCharles Barr, James GreinerKeshan Chambliss, Rahman JohnsonClarence JamesDwight BrisbaneNiki BrunsonRalph ChaversCornelius CoxTheresa GrahamKing HolzendorfKevin Monroe, Latangie WilliamsChandra Griffin, Charles Barr, Ralph Chavers and Pat Lockett-Felder.

A number of these candidates are familiar to Jacksonville political watchers.

Priestly-Jackson was a former School Board chair. Pittman: a former 2015 Council candidate. Holly: a current candidate in District 8. Mills: a past and present candidate in District 10.

Fields was a former state Representative and a 2015 City Council candidate. Nixon: a well-known political operative for Democratic candidates. Johnson: a former Soil and Water board member.

Brisbane: an operative/consultant. Brunson and Graham: former candidates for Council. Monroe: current candidate for Council in District 10.

Lockett-Felder, who lost narrowly to Katrina Brown in District 8’s 2015 race, was the biggest name candidate to indicate interest Friday, as part of a group of six new hopefuls.

Expect more names to show interest; the Governor’s Office is still accepting applications.


  1. What happened til innocent til proven guilty? Corrine got to serve out her term & run for re-election. Ditto for Shirk. Why not these 2?? I can’t help but feel this is personal for AG bc Reggie didn’t send him a xmas card this year.

    “There’s nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others”—Randall from Clerks

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