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The Florida Bar holds yearly convention — with ‘mindfulness’ and yoga

The Florida Bar holds its annual convention Wednesday through Saturday morning in Orlando, this year focusing “on the importance of living and enjoying a balanced lifestyle.”

“Living Well, Working Well: The Balanced Lawyer,” the theme of this year’s convention, emphasizes the positive effects of learning to balance family, work, health and fitness.


This will be the first time the convention offers health and wellness activities including yoga, meditation and more. Mindfulness, stress-management and integrating work-life balance are key themes the discussions and programs will touch on.

Also, West Palm Beach attorney Michelle R. Suskauer (pictured) will be sworn in as the Bar’s 70th president. Vero Beach attorney John M. Stewart will be sworn in as president-elect; he will become president in June 2019.

Other convention highlights include:

Judicial Luncheon – Held Thursday, the luncheon will feature Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga presenting “The State of the Judiciary.” Lawyer, author and ‘mindfulness’ instructor Jeena Cho will be the keynote speaker.

Justice Labarga’s remarks (starting about 12:30 p.m.) and Cho’s presentation (starting about 1:15 p.m.) will be streamed live on The Florida Bar’s Facebook page.

General Assembly – The centerpiece event on Friday will include installation of incoming Bar officers and Board of Governors members. Suskauer will be sworn in as the Bar’s new president, and Stewart will be sworn in as president-elect.

The entire General Assembly from 9:30 a.m.-noon also will be streamed live on the Facebook page.

50-year members – The Bar will honor 313 attorneys for 50 years of service at a special luncheon. Also honored will be 14 senior counselors, who have practiced for 50 years or more but have not been members of The Florida Bar for the entire time.

The convention is being held at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek. For other details, visit here.

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