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Survey from pro-life group says Florida voters want Bill Nelson to vote to confirm Trump SCOTUS pick

The national anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List group has some unsolicited advice for Sen. Bill Nelson and a poll to back it up.

Per a phone survey of 500 Florida voters, conducted by the Tarrance Group July 5th through 8th, the electorate wants Nelson to vote to confirm President Donald Trump‘s pick for the latest vacancy on the United States Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.

The poll, with an MOE of 4.9 percent, revealed 56 percent of Florida voters want Nelson to vote to confirm, and that 54 percent want the Florida Legislature to decide abortion policy.

“Florida voters agree: Senator Bill Nelson must vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court,” said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

“Kavanaugh is an outstanding choice to replace Justice Kennedy and fulfills President Trump’s promise to nominate only originalist judges who respect the Constitution. The voters who elected President Trump trust him to make this nomination. They are eager to see Kavanaugh confirmed and the power to legislate on abortion restored to the American people, not activist courts,” Dannenfelser maintained.

“SBA List is mobilizing the pro-life grassroots nationwide and in key Senate battleground states like Florida to urge the Senate to swiftly confirm Judge Kavanaugh. Nelson and other vulnerable senators up for re-election this year have a choice: stand with the President and their constituents and confirm a Supreme Court justice who will respect and uphold the Constitution, or cave to pressure from the extreme abortion lobby,” Dannenfelser warned.

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CNN contends that Trump did not discuss abortion rights with Kavanaugh. In 2006, when confirmed to the D.C. Circuit Court, the nominee vowed to follow Roe V. Wade “faithfully and fully,” reports NBC.

However, Sen. Chuck Schumer, leader of the Senate Democrats, urged a confirmation fight.

For his part, Sen. Nelson has not committed his vote either way in the upcoming confirmation debate.

However, a tweet Monday night suggests his concerns aren’t those of the anti-abortion lobby.

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  1. Maybe it is time you listened to the people who will be voting soon. You really haven’t represented them as they have wanted, for a while.

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