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Andrew Gillum releases first TV ad recalling ‘grandmother’s voice’

Tallahassee Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is out with his first TV ad of the general election titled, “My Grandmother’s Voice.”

Gillum begins the minute-long ad recounting advice given to him by his grandmother. Gillum then explains how those messages motivate his run to be the state’s next Governor.

“I can still hear my grandmother’s voice,” Gillum begins.

“She’d say, ‘Go to school. Mind your teachers. Get your lesson. And one day, bring that education home. Bring it home for your little brother and your little sister who don’t know what an education is yet.

“ ’Bring it home for that little boy down the street that you play with. God knows where he’s going to end up. Bring it home for your mother and your father who get up every day to go out there and work on somebody else’s job.’

“It was a reminder that if we were going to get anywhere in life, we would get there together. This could be our story, Florida, written by and for anyone who has ever been told that they don’t belong, been counted out, or been told that they can’t make a difference.

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“Together we can bring home affordable health care. We can bring it home for better jobs and better wages. We can bring it home for education that our children deserve. My name is Andrew Gillum. Let’s bring it home, Florida.”

The Gillum campaign says the spot is set to begin running Friday, Sept. 14 and is part of a seven-figure ad buy. The video will also be circulated digitally.

“We are giving voters a reason to vote for something, not just against — a stark contrast from our opponent,” said Geoff Burgan, communications director for the Gillum campaign.

“This ad highlights why Mayor Gillum believes we all do better when we all do better.”

Gillum is attempting to become the state’s first Democratic Governor since Lawton Chiles (or Buddy MacKay, to be a stickler about it).

Former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis is the Republican nominee.

Ryan Nicol covers news out of South Florida for Florida Politics. Ryan is a native Floridian who attended undergrad at Nova Southeastern University before moving on to law school at Florida State. After graduating with a law degree he moved into the news industry, working in TV News as a writer and producer, along with some freelance writing work. If you'd like to contact him, send an email to
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