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Recount-mania: Democrats on the hunt for votes

With multiple statewide races likely headed for a recount, the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) is all hands on deck attempting to track down volunteers to help with recount efforts.

Thursday is the deadline for those who cast provisional ballots to provide evidence that those ballots are valid. Voters who cast such ballots have until 5 p.m. two days following an election to verify their ballots.


As reported this morning, provisional ballots could make the difference in several races here in Florida.

As of 11:45 a.m. Thursday, the margin in the race for U.S. Senate now sits at just 0.26 percentage points, or 21,888 votes, while the Agriculture Commissioner contest has 0.05 percentage point margin, or 4,094 votes.

Races within a 0.5 percentage point margin trigger an automatic recount, with those inside 0.25 percentage points following a machine recount mandating a manual recount.

The race for Governor between Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis is just outside recount range, with a 0.52 percentage point margin.

And at the state level, the contests in Senate District 18, House District 26, and House District 89 also appear to be in recount territory. And Democrats say they also have their eye on House Districts 105 and 115, both of which are currently outside the 0.5 percentage point range.

Now, the FDP is attempting to court volunteers to help reach out to voters who cast provisional ballots.

“Over the next few days a canvassing board of election judges in each county will determine whether those provisional ballots should be accepted,” read a release from the Miami-Dade Democratic Party.

“Volunteers are being asked to contact these voters by phone or by visiting their homes to sign affidavits that can help ensure their votes are counted.”

The Miami-Dade Dems are asking for help at their offices in Pinecrest, Aventura, Allapattah, Coral Gables, Hialeah, Sweetwater and Miami Gardens.

Nikki Fried, who is trailing by a sliver in the Ag. Commissioner race to Republican Matt Caldwell, is also sending out email blasts asking for volunteers. She’s included a link on her campaign website to help find those willing to donate their time.

After tonight’s deadline regarding provisional ballots, it will be up to respective canvassing board to certify the results.

Ryan Nicol covers news out of South Florida for Florida Politics. Ryan is a native Floridian who attended undergrad at Nova Southeastern University before moving on to law school at Florida State. After graduating with a law degree he moved into the news industry, working in TV News as a writer and producer, along with some freelance writing work. If you'd like to contact him, send an email to

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  1. If you are too damn dumb to sign or fill out ballot properly, then it does not count, duh! No one should follow up or try to chase down ones who did not do ballot correctly. Once the poll was closed , that should be it. That is some BS. You gonna get them to register too , after the fact, crooks?

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