1K new cases, 46 deaths reported in Florida’s Friday COVID-19 update

enlarged coronavirus, covid-19 under the flag of Florida state. Pandemic of respiratory disease
Now 34,728 people have tested positive and 1,314 have died.

Florida’s Department of Health on Friday confirmed 1,038 additional cases of COVID-19, bringing the state total of confirmed cases closer to 35,000.

Now 34,728 people have tested positive in Florida and an additional 46 people have died, raising the death toll to 1,314.

In total, 5,581 people have been hospitalized after the Department of Health reported another 186 hospitalizations.

Three in five of the state’s COVID-19 cases are concentrated in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, which have been ongoing hot spots for the virus during the outbreak. South Florida represents a growing share of confirmed cases as the influx of new cases in other urban areas slows to a trickle.

While Florida begins its reopening process, introduced Wednesday, the three counties will stay under the current stay-at-home order until new cases start declining there. Gov. Ron DeSantis said that downward trend has already started, just not as fast as the rest of the state.

In Miami-Dade, the Department of Health (DOH) reported 12,389 cases and 358 deaths in total, an increase from 12,063 and 352 respectively. In Broward, the state has confirmed 5,144 cases, up from 4,953, and 199 deaths, an increase of 14 over Thursday. In Palm Beach, 3,041 people have tested positive, an increase from 2,963, and an additional five Floridians died, pushing the death toll there to 191.

More than 400,000 people have been tested for COVID-19 in the state and at least 1,207 await the results of their tests from department-coordinated labs. But that count does not include testing pending in private labs, which test the vast majority of samples.

But with the apparent spike in positive cases, the state also received the second-most total results that it has in the past two weeks. As a percent of people who have not tested positive before, only 5% of people returned positive after Thursday tests, consistent with the declining percentage over that time.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state will receive COVID-19 virus antibody tests Friday, which will reveal whether someone has already fought off the coronavirus. He hopes that testing will show the virus is less deadly than previously thought to help assuage fears over the virus.

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  • Mike

    May 1, 2020 at 11:17 am

    Will the Governor’s executive orders relating to unemployment remain and/or be extended in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties?

    • Margaret A Blustine

      May 1, 2020 at 1:33 pm

      How in gods name can 1000 plus new cases be a flattening?? People wil head north where treasure cast cases all o upward track still. Even without south fla coming yet. De santis will hav fla 100000 cases and out o contrl within 3 weeks to a total disasterceconomically and politically.always the tru new cases at 500 plus now again ove 10000 so n flatening. Now treasur coast be miamiand sutging fast. Irtional to open fla with see aw numbers still all way too high.before opening more even which happens phase 1. Miami etccetc will come north fast and certainly no 14 consecutive declining days per fedl guidelines. Not even 2 consecutive. Why does a fake chart not show actual 1000 plus new cases? Obviously fla way too early open and unleash surging to 100000 within 3 weeks to 500000 within 4 weeks is patternseen with any reopening.de santis will cause massive surging all over statefast.its obvious i miami.etc etc his fake restrictions ar not working as llows everybodybthere go out walking jogging etc since fake order done.thats why still huge new cases eaths those hotspots.and now hes opening more othr counties where south fla will come and will be a disastercwith floodingvsurges now all up east coast and estroy that economy mre. Whyfdoed he not see miami etc etc still manycases and daily increasing because his order early april.let too many infected go.anywhere?? Sit will not get better but continue wors all hotspots. Why is he violating fedl guidelines other couties like duvl indian=ver etc etc when all have dsily increasing cases?? And deaths? ? It is a criminal violation in thefeyes of flavoters. No tourist economy wil happen for yrs with phase 1 as fla new cases clearly show even treasur coast NO flattening. Is an insane action tonopen and not to opposite andstrict lockdown like successful.states doing. His low estrictions almost month ago are notvworking and hotdpots are out of control
      No decrnt honest governor wod open theircstatecwith flz increasing numbers so highbstill.500 600 700 now again 1000. Itajybis happening miami etc very clearly as too much ridiculous essential activities allowed for a month causing italy track and fast same track jax treasure coast out of control.fla wil be worse state andclimbing within 2 weeks. Deliberate ignoring fedl.guidelines of 14 days cauding not treasure cost willbe surging hotspot
      Hotspots growing cases deaths.so many unknown carriers doingbthis ascde santis aws hotspots too alk jog etc.thas the problem caused hotspots.no strict lockdown from.geginning as he knew ny coming droves whenvdid fake lockfown.nowxsee what loose estrictiobs did sndvcontinuing tovdo.other states did strict lockdowns with nony infux. Fla didnt. Nothing changed much so epicenters not just hotspots increasing 2 out ofv3 cases so why inhgods name is he doing not safe not smart phasec1 onbtreasure coast ceating it to also become hotspot epicentercs cases there continually incresing daily? No.declining there at all.counties with low populatkns away from touristcareas decsajtis is dishonestly using to skew what hes now doingonhtrasure coast.opening when many counties on trasure coast been steadily continually increasing?? Is a deathcsentence to economyvnd fla voters by novembercwil turn o biden. Trump ideas likevtemp checks flights stupidcas carriers no temps. Now elite startg bring ny area againbto vero beach snd aez compounding loser restrictions results of hotspots all over teasure coast.who will fleevenough to.low opulation aeas to esult fast in whole state italy virus type epicenter. Goernor will be hated by voters by jubne disster.h ignored fedl guidelins blantly. Doomed fla and like miami etc theres is no cohtaining orvslowling spreadcwith looe restrictions still miami etc hotspots
      Fla ny area flightscstil.bringing infected and carriers daily.withvthat combinedvto.loose restrictions in hotspots since day 1 and not creating addl hotspots tesure coast all counties flacwil be italy. Track on vali graps clearly is same.lack ofcstrict restrictions earlier and now out of control.just likecspainvand italj. De sande santix shoulc fowwow fedl gidelines as hospitalizations italy track cantbe controlled obviously
      Now creating adfl.hotspitx wil.cause complete lossvtourists for yrsxas cases now with phase 1 n top of original too loose estrictons will be hundredx ofbthoussndsxworkerscsick waybtoo longvway past nov elections. De santis deflects ithbiefelant facts and isnt in god namebeing honest and listening to healthbexprts.this is a health decision that if notcadhered to will esult in de santis diastr misake inbeconomic focus. Of course fla like othercstaescwould havvabided by beach bsn.de santis ddntfebrnvdobthat for ud. Of course fla would ave gldlyvappreciated a strictlockdown early to contain flod ny area cases and carriers.of course.now look.at what de santis wrong stupid assumptionx did when he didng copyvsuccessful strict lockdiwns.calif governor smart safe.he opened beachescsawx1 day not complying shut down at once againavoid epicenters.de satis isntvstong governor like calif but ssumes lies distorts case numbers and now based on business task force andvtrump conning him with nonwrkable ieas is stroying fla fyr years right now adding worse to what alreadycasxway too loe.draconian measurs arecrequied riht now afercwhat you csued happeninbfla de santi.a good governor told people raconian sacrifices neeed stop spreading
      They were right.pople apreciated a strong governor
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      We are notvwimps
      A strict lockdownbfyi is not draconian.itsbased on medicalvexprts who you ignoed aws need stil ned.few dmos notbeflective fla voters atcall.not draconian but strict lickdown neeed o save fla econojy snd lives now.not raconian
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      You didnt andvropeningbfla without using fedl.guidelines like most did so fla notfredycwil.neer vevready as you.losen.oose restrictions more. Trump.has lost fa.we need a strictlockdown now i view loose one did not work.hotspots and ooser phasec1 trasure coast etccwill create fast surging hotspots wil be italy bh jujev1. Ny still.coming
      Mor thananywhere. Fla of anybstate should have ad strict lockdown marchv13 like successful states.de santis listegedvobtump.trump nowcwil losefla in november forvsure.decsantis still gullible to business will now completely destroy?ALL of florida sst as n where near fedl guidlines open
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