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Despite foreclosure auction, Kim Daniels prospers

2016 financial disclosure statements are rolling in, and among them is that of Jacksonville Democratic Rep. Kim Daniels.

Daniels, a charismatic preacher first elected to the Florida House last year, is thriving in the professional sphere — a prosperity spawned by interests in two ministries.

Kim Daniels Ministries International, listed as a secondary source of income, brought Daniels just over $100,000 in 2016.

Spoken Word Ministries, meanwhile, brought in another $96,000 — even as it is subject to a legal claim regarding foreclosure on a formerly shared “parsonage” in Davie, Florida, one once occupied jointly by Daniels and her ex-husband.

An August 15 foreclosure auction is pending on a home once co-owned by Spoken Word Ministries, Daniels, and her former husband, Ardell Daniels.

The home had been listed for such a sale before, but it didn’t go through.

The Daniels, who shared a ministry for almost two decades before their relationship fell apart while Kim Daniels served on the Jacksonville City Council, lived well.

The parsonage is valued at over $800,000.

All told, Daniels’ net worth is just shy of $595,000, with $34,116 in liabilities including two car notes and department store charge cards.

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