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The day the music died: Corrine Brown cancels fundraiser concert

Bad news for Jacksonville residents who had hoped to support Corrine Brown by paying as much as $100 to see gospel nostalgia act Shirley Caesar on Sunday.

The show has been cancelled. Or maybe postponed, according to Brown.

Brown had hoped/predicted she would sell out the 4,250 seat Bethel Baptist Church by Thursday; whether she did or not now is a moot point.

The show is being canceled, writes Brown, due to “inclement weather” forcing “the difficult decision to cancel the concert for the safety of the fans and artist.”

Earlier this week, Brown cut an interview on Facebook live.

“I know everybody said they’re praying for me, but I need to physically see you and touch you Sunday,” Brown said.

Caesar was name-checked with Brown saying Caesar is coming for “prayer with a purpose — to pray for me.”

Apparently, the prayers were rendered moot by a fear-inspiring weather forecast, including a whopping 40 percent chance of scattered thunderstorms.

Brown’s benefit concert was slated less than 24 hours before a hearing in her case to consider motions for acquittal and for a new trial.

It is currently unknown how much money is in the Corrine Brown Legal Defense Trust Fund. Even after two benefit events already, the website claims the account is “0% funded,” suggesting that the accounting practices that led to Brown’s conviction are still as loose as ever.

The concert, in theory, is now slated for Sun. Sept. 3.


  1. What a very very lame excuse 40% of thunder showers while if that was the case it wouldn’t be any concerts around the country playing. Corrine Brown knows that she is going to the penitentiary. There’s no amount of money that will keep her out where is Barack Hussein Obama radical Muslim communist AKA Barry Santoro at not to her rescue and of course not to say the least Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton where are all the top soul brothers at. Just face it corrupt Corrine Brown. Your days are numbered stop playing the race card has been over over 100 years.

    1. Exactly, if you went to at least 1 of her hearings, She is guilty as the day is long. Forensics FBI tracked all the money into her account. She thought if it was just cash, untracable. Linked A,B CORRINE! HOPEFULLY HER ICECREAM TRUCK WILL RUN OVER HER ONCE AND FOR ALL. CROOKED WITCH. HOPEFULLY, NEXT HER DAUGHTER!


    1. You must be a Democrat with that ULTRA-UNJUST DOUBLE STANDARD! i.e.

      If you’re a Democrat, you could set up a sell out the nation for personal profit to the tune of two hundred million dollars, put highly classified emails on your personal server, sell twenty percent of our uranium to a hostile country, commit racketeering and conspiracy for personal gain and it’s not prosecutable because you “didn’t mean it” (i.e. Clinton). But if you’re a Republican, you commit NO crimes at all but they merely do not like your historically-sensible politics and you get lied about, slandered impeached, removed, tried for treason, convicted and hung. You are what’s wrong with this country! You are a disease that is going to destroy this nation!

  3. I laughed out loud at the “gospel nostalgia act” portion. Shirley Caesar is so old, she probably sang for Matthew, Mark, Luke AND John.

    Meanwhile, yes, weren’t fundraisers the nasty little thing that got her in this mess in the first place? Its very sad to see, from a geriatric standpoint, that prison apparel is in Corinne’s future. But she needs to quit with the fundraisers.

  4. Federal complex Coleman has a special room for her better get used to getting dirty and sweaty pushing a mower or changing oil in a end loader surplus navy outfits and unibra nice none fashion shoes at least she will get a chance to live some what like the people she was living off the backs of in the poor at least they serve healthy food

  5. She stoled money from her fake foundation . gave 1200 dollare out of millions. To 2 people. Had videos of her making withdraws from banks lot of videos. Help set her family member up in BBQ sauce business. She has been on the take for years . and promised the blacks I do this if u vote for me. Tell me how that worked out for u . she deserves every thing that coming to her. Karmas a bitch.

  6. You are guilty as hell so quit trying to get people to pay for your attorney fees. Just take the time in prison like a real person who did what you did .hope you get life in prison

  7. Shes crooked as hell,i took food to her in room service like 15 years ago after her and her daughter’s “Matching Lexus Scandal” from some arab or oil person,when I asked her to sign her check in room service-she said “the city is paying for this,my food is free,i in formed her I checked her out before I came up there,and she DOES HAVE TO PAY,needless to say I walked out with her 50 dollor dinner and ATE IT MYSELF,thanks Corrine for Dinner,cause you getti’ bread and water Baby for the rest of your life

  8. For the safety of the fans and artist, lest they be struck by lightning in the blasphemy that proud sloth dare bring into the house of the Lord to feed her greed in the name of charity. Hopefully the appeal will be denied so there will be no need to reschedule.

  9. What amazes me is how long she stayed in office without doing anything at all for constituents. Just another loudmouth politician making empty promises. Promising to help poor black people. The only ones she helped are herself and her family.

  10. If you commit a crime you must see to it that you do the time . Just apologies for slipping , It’s been sold that a lot of crimes has been commit without being caught legally and that’s what the Bible call those people into just and unworthy. Spiritual bondage has been broken there isn’t no room for Spiritual warfare …… Some who tarry just may win Truth . Get commissary spend time incorporating life ideal death and death is only eternal repentance before seeking kingdom righteousness show folk the Wisdom inside the Justice system

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