Rick Scott brings tax initiative roadshow to Jacksonville - Florida Politics

Rick Scott brings tax initiative roadshow to Jacksonville

Another day, another port of call — or two — for Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

In Jacksonville Tuesday, Scott reprised a call he made in Orlando Monday: to put a constitutional amendment on next year’s ballot that would require any tax or fee hikes to be approved by a supermajority of the Florida Legislature.

While it’s still being worked out whether that would be a 2/3 or 3/4 supermajority, the proposal aligns with Scott’s previous tough talk on taxes, and jibes with the present and near-future political ambitions of local, regional, and state pols, many of whom were on hand to support him.

Among the luminaries: House Speaker Richard Corcoran; Mayor Lenny Curry; state Sen. Travis Hutson; and state Rep. Clay Yarborough.

Scott framed the proposal as a legacy-protecting measure, intended to “make sure all the things we’ve done in the last eight years” would be “difficult to change” by “politicians of the future … raising taxes.”

The measure could be made into a referendum via the Constitutional Revision Commission or the Florida Legislature, Scott said.

Corcoran, noting that Florida is the #1 state for “fiscal health” according to a recent survey, noted likewise that this move would “protect” that legacy, offering “great protection for taxpayers.”

Corcoran introduced Jacksonville’s mayor, crediting the “greatest mayor in America” with pension reform. Then Curry likewise endorsed the proposal, saying it was “consistent with the Rick Scott I know.”

If approved, Curry said the referendum would “ensure the power of the state cannot just impose taxes at will.”

Hutson added that this “should be a bipartisan issue,” as tax increases hurt the lower and middle classes the most.

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