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More Jacksonville Democrats endorse Gwen Graham for Governor

Two elected Jacksonville Democrats — state Rep. Tracie Davis and School Board member Warren Jones — endorsed Gwen Graham for Governor Monday.

Graham had already been endorsed by former Jacksonville Mayors Jake Godbold and City Councilmen Tommy Hazouri and Garrett Dennis, and thus far is the only candidate for Governor on the Democratic side to score meaningful Jacksonville endorsements.

“I’m proud to have Representative Tracie Davis and School Board Member Warren Jones by my side fighting to restore public education in Florida,” Graham said. “With their help, we are making outreach in Jacksonville and Duval County a top priority in my campaign.”

“My life full of experiences and time working in our public schools influences me every day as a legislator and elected official. It helps me represent the people of Jacksonville. And it is those same type of real-world life experiences and her record of working in public schools that have led me to endorse Gwen Graham for governor,”  Davis said.

“I have seen firsthand how Republicans have handed our children’s future over to an education industry that cares more about making money than raising Florida’s next generation. Gwen Graham has made restoring public schools the top priority of her campaign, and I’m proud to support her in that fight,” Davis added.

“Year after year, Rick Scott and Republicans in the legislature pass new laws to strip control of our schools away from communities and put the power in the hands of unelected bureaucrats in Tallahassee,” Duval School Board Member and former Jacksonville City Council President Warren Jones said.

“I’m proud to support Gwen Graham for governor. Gwen is a mother, former PTA president and public school official, who understands the challenges parents, teachers and students face. When it comes to the issue of education, she is the best candidate for governor,” Jones added.

Graham is right now a strong frontrunner for the nomination, and these endorsements continue her momentum.

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