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Kim Daniels seeks dismissal of ethics complaint

Rep. Kim Daniels is seeking to have a Florida Ethics Commission complaint against her dismissed Friday morning. Her rationale? It was filed too close to the 2015 election.

Daniels, who was unsuccessfully running for re-election to the Jacksonville City Council, had a complaint regarding her financial disclosure forms filed just four days before that vote.

State law says that the complaint can’t be filed within 30 days before the election, and Daniels contends the complaint should be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

The original issue was alleged omitted disclosures on 2012-2014 financial disclosure forms, including mortgages for properties that belonged to her church.

Daniels failed to list properties owned by her churches, which added up to $1,000,000 of undeclared assets. Indeed, her churches had multiple properties — “parsonages” in multiple cities, timeshares, and over a dozen cars.

Ironically, one of the properties owned by one of her churches — a parsonage in Davie, owned formerly by “Spoken Word Ministries” — was sold in a foreclosure auction Thursday.

The price: $640,000, to a third party bidder.

The sale had been forestalled for months, most recently because of Hurricane Irma … a storm that the evangelist/legislator said “prophets” saw coming.

No word on whether prophets will issue an opinion on the Ethics Commission reconsidering her case.

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