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Jacksonville to establish task force on civil rights history

On Monday, Jacksonville City Council President Anna Brosche rolled out a proposal for a task force on civil rights history.

Via a draft memo, Brosche advanced a proposal for a 25 person task force, chaired by School Board member Warren Jones and Ju’Coby Pittman.

Board members include, but are not limited to, Chris HandHope McMathTony Allegretti, Marcus PollardEnnis DavisIsaiah Rumlin, Alton Yates and Darnell Smith.

Brosche noted that the task force has to be created legislatively.

The task force proposal is a reaction to Jacksonville and Florida not being on the U.S. Civil Rights Trail, a cause for consternation in the meeting given Jacksonville’s civil rights history and iconic residents who were central to the movement.

The trail covers 14 states and 100 historic landmarks.

Brosche would like a measure on an addendum at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, with the goal of completing the work by June 30.

Council members in attendance at a public notice meeting included Sam NewbyReggie BrownGarrett DennisKatrina Brown, and Reggie Gaffney.

There was approval for the concept, and potential developments, including a museum proposal by Councilman Brown, and a discussion of potential landmarks that could be included on the trail.

Council members discussed potentially getting money for the museum concept from Tallahassee and Washington, as potential matches for city money.


  1. I have mentioned many times at city council meetings, to put up monuments for famous black citizens of Jacksonville in Hemming Park, so that the whole history of Jacksonville could be told. There is a marker already talking about “Ax Handle Saturday” in the park. Lets make Hemming Park an historical park telling all of Jacksonvilles history. It could become a tourists destination, thus helping out local downtown businesses.

  2. I would certainly like to know all 25 members names on this task force because I am very unimpressed with the 10 listed above. One of them is a business person, all the rest earn their living from the public dole.
    Our city is filthy, medians are filled with trash and weeds, yard waste sits on the roadside for months, nothing is being done to address neighborhoods that need sewer systems and city water but oh my goodness historical statues that no one cares about or sees must be a priority because black privilege takes priority!
    Hemming Park never has and never will be a tourist destination. Just another waste of taxpayer dollars !
    Additionally I would like to know how much these people are being paid.

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