Mind games continue between Lenny Curry, Garrett Dennis - Florida Politics

Mind games continue between Lenny Curry, Garrett Dennis

Though the Jacksonville City Council is on its “fifth week,” a sanctioned break from committee meetings, the intrigue continues in the St. James Building.

Tuesday saw Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry meet with a candidate for the legislative body: Marcellus Holmes.

Holmes, a former professional football player, didn’t hone into specific policy proposals during an April interview.

If elected, he will be “bringing the community together” to “meet the needs of every community” and “get every issue solved.”

Lack of specifics or no, Holmes scored a meeting Tuesday with Curry.

We caught up with Dennis Wednesday, and he was amused by the meeting.

Dennis has met with potential 2019 candidates for mayor; he would not specify whether those candidates were in the current field, which includes Republican Jimmy Hill, Democrat Doreszell Cohen, and NPA hopeful Connell Crooms.

As of this writing, Dennis has not filed for re-election.

The discussion has lingered for months about the vehicle Curry’s political machine could use to exact revenge on Dennis, who has stood athwart many of the administration’s initiatives.

Perhaps Tuesday’s meeting is an augury of meaningful support ahead.

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