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‘Dirty politics at best,’ as ‘hacked’ Al Lawson account retweets Donald Trump

Saturday afternoon saw a couple of atypical retweets from the personal account of Rep. Al Lawson.

The RT action went to President Donald Trump, in what was either a remarkable crossing of party lines in a contested primary, or perhaps a compromised account.

After deleting the tweets, Lawson asserted the “campaign accounts” were “breached” and  “hacked,” an example of “dirty politics at best.”

Lawson’s team is looking for the hackers, we are told.

Lawson’s opponent, former Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown, wasn’t buying the hack claims: “Years ago, Al Lawson hacked into right-wing, extreme Republican policies — that’s why he’s been supported by the NRA, applauds Trump’s agenda and drains billions of dollars from our public schools. Try as he might, he can’t fall back on sad excuses after years of selling out Democratic values.”

The tweets were not in keeping with Lawson’s public positions, even as he has indicated willingness to work with the President.

The first RT saw Lawson’s account support Trump’s allegations of Democratic corruption, cooperation with Russia, and bashing of the “fake news media.”

The second RT saw Lawson’s account support Trump’s imposition of tariffs against traditional U.S. allies in Mexico, Canada, and the EU, a tweet that condemned “stupid trade.”

Each of these tweets is at odds with Democratic orthodoxy.

Brown, running against incumbent Rep. Al Lawson in North Florida’s sprawling, east-west Congressional District 5. has already messaged on a perceived Lawson affinity for Trump, launched after Lawson applauded Trump extolling a low unemployment rate for African-Americans in the 2008 State of the Union.

Lawson addressed that affinity in Jacksonville last week.

When asked about a claim from 538.com regarding his voting with President Donald Trump more often than some might like: “If it’s good legislation, doesn’t make a difference if it comes from Trump or anybody. If it benefits this area, I support it.”

“The man is the president of the United States,” Lawson added, noting that he finds it perplexing when people castigate him for not voting with the Congressional Black Caucus on every roll call vote.

“Nobody in the Black Caucus voted for me. That’s why I don’t understand when people say [I] don’t vote with the Black Caucus,” Lawson said, noting that he votes for what his district wants.

The question of Lawson clapping for the President at the last State of the Union came up also.

“There were other African-Americans there who did clap, but the camera focused on me,” Lawson said, noting that “some people take a spin, opponents and stuff, say ‘he is the President’s new best friend.”

“I’m the friend of the people who are going to help my constituents,” Lawson said, to scattered applause. “You don’t have to like the President, but if the President is doing something for the people you serve, you embrace him.”

Meanwhile, a curious tie has emerged between a Lawson donor and the Robert Mueller probe of that President.

Per Institutional Investor, hedge funder Richard Gerson is under “scrutiny” from Mueller. Gerson’s Falcon Edge Capital gave Lawson’s campaign account $2,700 recently.

Republicans, including Mayor Lenny Curry and Rep. John Rutherford, have extolled Lawson, with Rutherford maintaining a preference for the Tallahassee Democrat over the former Jacksonville Mayor.


  1. Being on the side line and given the information that is being presented and as stated in the article this is not consistent with what Congressman Lawson has stated in the past, it sounds or it appears to be someone political attack. Alvin Brown would not meet the president of the United States president Barack Obama because he went to a Republican convention in Tampa. When he became elected as mayor he placed all republicans around him in his administration.Alvin Brown also attacked veterans when he was the mayor ignored the rights of veterans to have a job as a disable vet. These remarks are remarks not assumed but known. Alvin Brown is not good for Jacksonville or any other area all you have to do is look at his record as mayor look at the things he said and how he conducted himself as mayor that says it all

  2. Lawson is supported by Curry & Rutherford. What does that tell you? If it looks like a Republican and talks like a Republican it’s a Republican. Alvin Brown ran as a Democrat for mayor. He turned into a Republican while in office and lost as one in re-election. It might be time for a real Democrat to run for this seat.

    1. There is nothing wrong with working together; however the problem here is to pretend to be one thing and actually you’re another. The difference between Al Lawson and Alvin Brown is that Al Lawson is a true democrat working to ensure his constitutes are heard by all that should be concerned. Alvin Brown only uses the party of Democrats; however operates like a Republican and he’s proved that. I have personally experienced the antics and unprofessionalism of Alvin Brown, and if any one else wants to know all they need to do is research. Just because someone runs as a democrat doesn’t mean they hold the values of the same and when it comes to Alvin Brown being a democrat, the people need to know don’t be fooled “again”, because “Any old Blue, Just Won’t Do”!

  3. Al Lawson has a better than Democratic voting record and truly fights for Democratic values and has voted more than 14 times to protect the Affordable Care Act, and has routinely fought against Republicans to preserve social security and medicare.

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