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John Rutherford, Marco Rubio spotlight federal money for JAXPORT dredge

Jacksonville policymakers don’t have to worry, at least for another year, where money for the JAXPORT dredge is coming from.

Rep. John Rutherford on Monday announced $32.389 million in federal funding via the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

This is the second straight year of federal money, and an uptick from the $17.5 million that JAXPORT received for the project last year.

“Continued federal investment into the expansion at JAXPORT is a huge win for our region,” said Rutherford.

“As a strategically important asset to our national security,” Rutherford added, “JAXPORT has proven to be a reliable and prosperous port of entry for commerce and trade on the Eastern Seaboard. This important deep dredge project will enhance the economic growth and international competitiveness of JAXPORT, and this increased investment marks a significant step toward furthering JAXPORT’s substantial contributions to Northeast Florida and to our nation.”

The project, at last estimate, is expected to cost $484 million; this money will fund a deepening of the channel to 47 feet for 11 miles total.

Sen. Marco Rubio spotlighted the money amidst a host of other allocations from the federal government, including $556,250 for Miami Harbor improvements, $82 million for the Herbert Hoover Dyke, $28.375 million for the Brevard County shore protection project, and $26.9 million for the South Florida ecosystem restoration.

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