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Lara Trump, president’s daughter-in-law, joins fight for dog-racing ban

Lara Trump, President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, is joining Attorney General Pam Bondi for a fundraiser to benefit the campaign to pass a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at ending dog racing in Florida.

Trump, a former television host and producer and an animal rights supporter, is married to Eric Trump, the president’s second son.

Trump and Bondi are listed as “special guests” at the fundraiser set for next Thursday in Greenwich, Connecticut, hosted by Leora and Steven Levy. Leora Levy is a Republican national committeewoman; husband Steven is CEO of his family’s New York real estate firm.

For $2,500 a person, contributors also can attend a separate “VIP roundtable” with Trump and Bondi before the event begins.

The fundraiser benefits the Protect Dogs-Yes on 13 campaign, formed to persuade voters to vote for the amendment.

Though a Tallahassee judge this week ordered Amendment 13 off the ballot, the state appealed, which puts an “automatic stay” on the case. That means until a higher court says otherwise, the amendment will be on the 2018 general election ballot.

Among other things, Circuit Judge Karen Gievers said the amendment’s ballot title and summary were misleading.

The measure was slated for the ballot by the 2017-18 Constitution Revision Commission (CRC), of which Bondi was a member.

Bondi gave a impassioned speech to fellow CRC members earlier this year for the amendment’s approval, calling dog racing a “black eye on our state.” The measure needed at least 22 votes to be cleared for the ballot; it passed the commission 27-10.

Amendments need no less than 60 percent approval by voters to be added to the state constitution.

Edward M. Wenger, the state’s chief deputy solicitor general, filed the appeal. Wenger reports to Solicitor General Amit Agarwal, who answers to Bondi. They represent the defendants, the Department of State and its secretary, Ken Detzner, the state’s chief elections officer.

They were sued by the Florida Greyhound Association, which represents breeders and owners who opposes the ban. Both sides have predicted the case will reach the Florida Supreme Court — and both sides are confident they’ll win.

Jim Rosica covers state government from Tallahassee for Florida Politics. He previously was the Tampa Tribune’s statehouse reporter. Before that, he covered three legislative sessions in Florida for The Associated Press. Jim graduated from law school in 2009 after spending nearly a decade covering courts for the Tallahassee Democrat, including reporting on the 2000 presidential recount. He can be reached at


  1. Another monster move by Pam scam Bondi this lady is trying to steer away from the heat she’s receiving … you have a conflict of interest situation here pan scam bondi is in bed with hsus she can make the right call as Ag of Florida and appeal this she is supposed to work for the people of Florida not hsus !!!

  2. The extremist animal rights crowd has politicians and celebrities who don’t know doodle about racing Greyhounds or Greyhound welfare. Greyhound Adopters for Racing has (now) 65 Greyhound adoption groups, including 14 adoption groups in Florida, and thousands of Greyhound adopters and adoption volunteers across the country, who know more about Greyhound welfare than the politicians, celebrities, and Lara Trump will ever know. All of them urge a NO vote on the dishonestly drafted and outright “trickified” Amendment 13.
    Perhaps when Ms. Trump isn’t attending big-dollar fundraisers for the extremist animal rights crowd and has time, we might interest her in adopting a Greyhound and actually learning something about our wonderful breed and racing.

  3. This will cost Trump Florida in 2020, If he stays away from it, he loses nothing, but there is not one Liberal that will swap and vote for Trump because of this, however, there will be a lot of Republicans that will. He has absolutely nothing to gain by her doing this, only something to lose. It makes no sense, Or he doesn’t know yet. Or it’s payback for not prosecuting Trump U by Bondi.

  4. Dear Lara

    As someone who has raised greyhiounds under 30+ I feel I must tell you how wrong you are in this decision. To be fair; it would be nice of you to go visit racetrack kennels, greyhound farms, get to know these people who love et adore these dogs. I truly believe you will realize this is not the right side of the arguement.

  5. Wow, so now Lara Trump is in bed with HSUS and Peta, who slammed the entire Trump family and were rabid Hillary supporters? Wonder what Donald thinks about that? Bondi is in bed with them too. Something smells fishy…

  6. Wow, so now Lara Trump is in bed with HSUS and Peta, who slammed the entire Trump family and were rabid Hillary supporters? Wonder what Donald thinks about that? Bondi is in bed with them too. Something smells fishy…

  7. Mrs. Lara Trump,
    I strongly urge you to visit a farm and kennel to learn the truth about greyhounds and the people who care for them. There are thousands of animals killed in Florida shelters every day. Thank God you will not find a greyhound in one of these shelters. Adoption groups work closely with kennels and farms, we have a 95% adoption rate along with the 3.5 % that are returned to owners or kept by trainers that is a near 100% adoption rate. NGA greyhounds, not AKC a different breed, make the best pets and service dogs because of the love and care they receive from birth to adoption.
    The US greyhound industry IS NOT like other countries. Unfortunately the anti-racing groups do not disclose the differences. The money these groups and now yourself are throwing away in advertisement for a breed that is not abused could actually save all those thousands of cats and dogs killed daily in Florida. it breaks my heart to see how wasteful ignorance can be.
    I have been adopting retired racers since 2002, they are a beautiful, lovable breed that will become extinct if Amenent 13 is passed.

    1. I hope you havent reproduced yet dawn because you are dumb as a stump.. The breed will become exstinct…LMAO ,.. racing doesnt keep anything on this planet from going exstinct.. go back to soaking your head in the beer suds and try again… all of you opposers are so loaded with crap you cant contain it.. you spew it on here and it really stinks.. your also one big joke.. rhetoric and nonsense…

      1. Now the degenerate strip joint operator is offering up his lack of knowledge on what causes a species to become extinct. You have already proven your ignorance in regards to Florida gaming, the law process, and the difference between your and you’re. We are still waiting for you to tell us when the legislature put 3 on the ballot…….

  8. So she is against greyhound racing WHICH SHE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT but she does not have a problem with her big game hunting husband. Don’t buy what she and Pam Bondi are peddling. Don’t be lazy and irresponsible like them. They don’t give a hoot about greyhounds. Go to a track find out the truth for yourself. Racing is a safety net that ensures the adoption of greyhounds. No racing. No safety net. Did you know that 65+ (and growing) greyhound adoption groups have officially taken a pro racing position? These are the people who know the truth about racing and greyhounds. They are the ones truly doing it for welfare of the hounds. They are the only ones not doing this for some political or other gain. Which is the worst abuse? I am pretty sure it is all the politicians looking for personal gain, and all the anti-racing groups looking for a fast buck.

  9. If this is true it is going to cost President Trump a lot of votes in 2020. Just from people I know that are either in the greyhound business or work in it or have pet greyhounds here in Iowa I would guess I know at least 175 people (not counting their families) that had never voted republican, That have told me they won’t vote for him if he is taking the position to ban greyhound racing.

    1. You forgot the decimal point between the 1 and 7 Bob.. Those sheep you hitting in the butt aren’t allowed to vote… Stay in Iowa and fantasize about Hillary.. Your a whiner and loser…

  10. AG Pam Bondi, a friend of President Trump, certainly knows the reality of greyhound racing in Florida and I’m sure Lara Trump has confidence in what Pam knows, such as the confinement 20+ hours per day in small cages, the fact that on average a greyhound dies every 3 days at Florida tracks, and the nearly 500 drug positives in racing greyhounds. Also, the idea that greyhounds will become extinct when Amendment 13 is approved by Florida voters is ridiculous. And AKC greyhounds are different bloodlines but they ARE the same breed.

    1. Yeah, she knows the reality so much she had to resort to ‘ outright trickeration’ to get her sham on the ballot

    2. Scam Bondi doesnt know anything, how many cases about Greyhounds has she prosecuted? NONE, She lies as much as you do on TV, you have no credibility Don just like the Scam groups you supoort

  11. love it.. your all squealing like little pigs going to slaughter. Your done your finished.. I told you all last week we are going to get what we want whether you like it or not. You all thought you going to ride the high horse when the judge started using fake words for a ruling.. LMFAO…………..

    1. Where has Andy the big mouth gone?? Has his mother made him wear his football helmet again before going to the track

      1. Wake up Joe.. the amendment is real and the ballot is real. The supporters are very real. You’re a whining little girl.

        Your another one who’s dumb as a stump with bad references to make your argument. You and Andy must have both wore a football helmet and crapped in your pants until you were 40 yr old.

        You and Andy can hang out at the track looking at your 4 legged girlfriends with the hairy butt holes for only a little bit longer. Its over for all of you losers..

  12. a wife of a Trophy hunter , LMFAO typical hypocrite, this will hurt them more than it does good, Scam Bondi is nothing but a crook, being tied to a trump is a death wish

    1. Joe T – You sound just like jealous financially broke man with either a bar fly or a pig with lipstick for a wife..

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