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Andrew Gillum: Questions about being a Democratic Socialist are ‘fair game’

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum was asked questions in Thursday night’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate town hall that no other candidate was asked.

He was asked, in a question about being endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, whether he considered himself a Democratic socialist.

And he was asked whether he was a socialist or capitalist.

And he was also asked whether he believed there should be a universal guaranteed income.

“These labels are insignificant when it comes to everyday life of people in the state … I’m a Democrat and an individual who believes people have had a rough ride in this state … these labels are easy to throw on folks,” Gillum said, “but mean nothing.”

FP caught up with Gillum after the town hall, and got his take on whether the questions were out of bounds.

“When you’re running for Governor, everything is fair game,” Gillum said. “I try not to complain about those things.”

“I will tell you,” Gillum added, “I don’t make apologies for pushing for an equal opportunity to learn for all kids. I don’t make apologies for the fact that I believe that health care ought to be a right.”

“As I said on stage,” Gillum continued, “even the most conservative of think tanks are projecting that we can save more than $2 trillion and cover more people in the process.”

“To me,” Gillum added, “this is not a red or blue or purple, this is common sense.”


  1. He’s still a Socialist & although I am Black, wouldn’t vote for him if you paid me! It’s the same Socialist rhetoric, & eventually we’ll start looking like the state of California! A Leftist Liberal Socialist MESS!!

    1. Shelley, how is Florida not more of a mess than California? Pollution is out of control, our schools are terrible, our economy is awful and we are the leader in opioid addiction.

      Sounds like we need some kind of a change.

  2. I just wondering why there would be issue with being socialist? What we do now isn’t working and too many people have been and continue to be suffering. What’s the definition of ignorance? Doing the same thing and expecting different results. What is unfortunate is that whomever is chosen in this upcoming election, we will spend more energy standing against how we currently operate so that more people can do better. Let’s just get to doing better and doing it differently.

  3. Phillip Levine really is the only logical choice out of this field of woman beaters and socialists.

  4. White men get to pass bills to enrich themselves. Huge tax cuts, Irag war, the farm Bill . This has been going on for ages. This is why many of them get rich, to keep minorities out and support each other. Election are rigged period.

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