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Whoa, dog: State says greyhound kennel tours aren’t allowed

Gambling regulators on Tuesday warned racing greyhound owners and others that public tours of kennels at Florida greyhound tracks may violate state regulations.

A representative of the industry soon shot back that the prohibition was “outrageous!”

Last month, the National Greyhound Association said it would offer tours of “three Florida greyhound tracks and their on-site kennels.”

The two-hour guided tours, free with advance registration, were “designed to promote transparency and educate the public about the care of greyhounds at the track, as well as stewardship of the breed,” according to a press release.

The Florida Supreme Court will soon issue a ruling on whether general election voters will get to see a constitutional amendment aimed at ending live greyhound racing. Circuit Judge Karen Gievers already struck the measure after a challenge from the Florida Greyhound Association, calling its ballot title and summary “outright ‘trickeration.’ 

A spokeswoman for the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which regulates dog racing and other gambling in the state, told Florida Politics it “has not taken a position related to tours of racetrack facilities.”

But, added Suellen Wilkins, “certain areas of pari-mutuel facilities are restricted access,” specifically “the backside where racing animals are kept.”

Wilkins referred to department regulations that do allow “sworn law enforcement and corrections officers,” “firefighters” and EMTs, “persons working for a vendor … providing supplies,” and several others to visit kennels.

“If the individuals do not fall into these categories, they are prohibited from accessing the backside of the track,” Wilkins said.

Jack Cory, lobbyist and spokesman for the Florida Greyhound Association, said the state is “stopping the people of the state of Florida from getting the truth and facts about live greyhound racing by hiding behind a rule.”

“This is outrageous!” he said. If regulators wanted to, “they could file an amendment to their own rule – today – to permit the citizens of Florida to visit the greyhounds.”

The Protect Dogs-Yes on 13 campaign, which is promoting passage of Amendment 13, in a statement called the planned tours “staged political photo opportunities.”

“Although we welcome the opportunity for the public to see the deplorable conditions greyhounds are subjected to, these events were nothing more than …  photo ops aimed at whitewashing the industry,” the campaign said.

Moreover, “the registration (form) included screening questions to oust animal welfare advocates. The event waiver gave the Florida Greyhound Association the right to use video footage of participants in political advertisements, but at the same time prohibited participants from photographing or videotaping the events themselves.”

The campaign said “although we did not have input in this state decision, it is another example of how the greyhound industry can’t play by the rules. Dog racers apparently believe they are above the law, whether it’s the state drug testing program or state laws about racetrack security.”

Cory disagreed, filing a public records request with the department last week for – among other things – “any and all complaints filed either in writing, or all of the notes from any complaints filed over the telephone during the last 30 days, about permitting the citizens of the state of Florida (to visit) greyhound kennels at greyhound tracks.”

Cory’s request names Carey Theil, executive director of GREY2K USA Worldwide, and Christine Dorchak, the organization’s president and general counsel.

“Please be advised that this (request) will be noticed with the Florida (news) media,” Cory wrote.

Derby Lane, located in St. Petersburg, and the Palm Beach Kennel Club, located in West Palm Beach, were selected to be the first two tracks to open their doors.

The amendment, slotted for the ballot by the 2017-18 Constitution Revision Commission, would need at least 60 percent approval to be added to the state constitution, like other proposed changes to the state’s governing document. 


Featured photo courtesy of Van Abernethy.

Jim Rosica covers state government from Tallahassee for Florida Politics. He previously was the Tampa Tribune’s statehouse reporter. Before that, he covered three legislative sessions in Florida for The Associated Press. Jim graduated from law school in 2009 after spending nearly a decade covering courts for the Tallahassee Democrat, including reporting on the 2000 presidential recount. He can be reached at jim@floridapolitics.com.


  1. No surprise. Animals rights extremist frauds like Dorchak and Theil are afraid for people to see how well greyhounds are really treated. They have to protect their cash cow.

    1. Take it up with the DBPR – they’re the ones pointing out that the general public isn’t allowed in certain areas.

      1. they wouldnt be if grey2k want people to know the truth, Theil and Dorkcheck are afraid people will see all the lies they have been telling

        1. Joe, do you not understand how the DBPR works? They certainly don’t work for us. We had nothing to do with their decision.

      2. Yeah the DBR that you activists paid off. How much did it cost you? You activists are running scared. If you really believed there was wrong doing in the kennels, you would be pushing for visits and tours. But you know there isn’t any wrong doing and you don’t want the public to find this out, so you’re in a panic mode and will try anything and everything to hide the truth. Such pathetic liars you all are. The truth will prevail. Good always wins over evil. Vote NO on 13.

        1. Ruth, you’re accusing the DBPR of taking bribes to enforce their own rules? That’s an unprecedented assertion – that many years ago, the DBPR were paid off to pass this rule and now to enforce it.

          1. Oh yea, your side would never do such a thing huh, that’s why you were implicated in blackmail, in bed with racketeers, and found guilty of OUTRIGHT TRICKERATION

          2. https://scontent.fwbw1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/40768625_10217817818021006_3654571115067473920_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=4832df570117f02feaa2e81a4683909f&oe=5BF6B18B

            No Eric, not taking bribes, being paid off, just like Thiel and Dorchak did with the politicians in FL. None of these politicians have ever seen a kennel or even been to a track, yet they seem to know everything about greyhound racing. Why is that? Because they were paid to say what they do. They are lying just like grey2crazy is. Biggest liars and scam artists around.

        2. Again, you’re claiming that the DBPR was “paid off” to pass a rule many years ago that they’re now enforcing. That’s a very serious allegation of professional misconduct. It’s a shame you have zero evidence of anything you’re claiming. It would seem your assertions are fabricated from whole cloth.

          1. Yes paid off to investigate to se if there was any way to stop the tours. You can deny it all you want to, but we all know the evil activists were in on this. They are running scared. They have to do anything they can to stop FL people from finding the truth. But guess what? Many, many FL people already know the truth and are voting NO on 13. The clock is ticking in our favor. tick, tick, tick.

        3. The DBPR did their job. Has it not occurred to you that broadcasting their intent to willfully violate the rules might have cued the DBPR into the FGA/NGA plan?

          1. More accurately, Carey Theil “did a job” on the DBPR. Why would he dupe his own supporters like this?

            Just more #OutrightTrickeration only Mr. Blind finds surprising.

          2. Once again you’re making allegations of unprofessional conduct with zero evidence beyond a “feeling” you have.

          3. Actually I’m making a claim of #OutrightTrickeration by Carey Theil on the every “Protect Dogs” supporter who he has duped yet again.

            Why Why WHY would he lie to them about tours of kennel conditions? To hide the Truth from them, Mr. Blind.

      3. Eric,
        You folks must have been sweating this so BADLY!
        Just imagine all your fraudulent claims crashing down around you with a few simple tours!
        Of course, this is almost as good. Either way, because of this, the anti groups you support will be shown for their deceit.

        1. I was looking forward to getting my own tour of the kennels! People keep claiming I’ve been invited but the people doing the inviting don’t have any authority.

          1. Well Eric, you might get your wish. Tours have been reinstated once again. An agreement was made. You have to sign up for a tour so get your name in before it’s to late. Go see the TRUTH. If you don’t it just means you’re too scared to see the truth. So are you man enough?

    2. You have to love the logic Eric is using here. Who is Eric Jackson going to believe, Carey Theil or Eric’s lying eyes?


      1. What are you trying to say, George? The DBPR won’t let unauthorized people into those areas, so what do you expect me to do?

          1. Weren’t you folks demanding copies of any complaints? Where are they, George? Again, GREY2K USA Worldwide had nothing to do with the DBPR enforcing their own rule. Anything you say on this topic is pure speculation, not fact.

          2. The DBPR notes who filed the complaints — they are required by law to make them public — and you’re more than just blind Mr. Blind if you don’t believe the NGA has sources inside the DBPR who know it is CAREY THEIL as the source of the complaints.

            You’re in heap big pile of ****, Carey Theil. Duping your supporters is just more evidence #OutrightTrickeration duping animal lovers. The Florida news media is going to LOVE this story.

          3. So where are the copies of those files, George? You keep making these claims but you haven’t provided a single shred of evidence – you just keep repeating your fantasies.

  2. The tour invites were carefully crafted to show citizens only that which is fit for public consumption, and of course prohibited any known animal advocates from attending, as well as from recording any images.

    While I have been to several track kennel compounds in my capacity as an adoption person, what I would love to see is open access to ALL areas of all track compounds, complete with film crew from a recognized media outlet. Don’t just show me what you’ve cleaned up. Show it all.


    1. Right, you are another liar in a whole group of liars, grey2k has a proven liar as it’s president. You people will stoop to anything to prevent the people from discovering the truth for themselves. We have TRUTH on our side which is why we are going to win. This is simply more OUTRIGHT TRICKERATION

        1. Disproven rhetoric, right, dorchak recounts her accident in explicit detail in the sobbing donation video, yet in court has ” no memory”, that’ is very proven. You just keep on lying, all of you are pathological liars. Here is a few new words for you ” crafted to mislead”, which is what you liars excel at. Keep in mind, this was a respected judge who said it, not documented liars and fraudsters like you and your racketeer friends

    2. Is that why many of your public Facebook photo captions gushed about how awesome, happy, and healthy such and such dog like Clifford was at the Greyhound breeder’s farm? You wrote those captions, and now you’re saying that’s not the truth, so you originally lied in those photo captions. You have a pattern of circular lying, Kelly.

    3. It’s for the safety of the dogs. Would you want some nut hurting them, or worse yet, letting them all out of their crates so they can be “rescued”?
      Would any parent feel comfortable if a stranger was allowed to walk into their child’s day care unattended? Are you nervous about your vet’s office because you can’t see everything?

  3. “staged political photo opportunities.” LOL says the ones who STEAL video and alter it from it’s original intended form that make up the bulk of their ads. God you just can’t make this stuff up. Theil & Dorchak will go to any lengths to lie, steal, and misrepresent to the people of Florida just like MA. Gues the stories on some anti racing people changing their minds and throwing the FAKE Dog Protectors propaganda out were just too much. But the TRUTH has always been too much for that pair.

    1. Hey, Steven – it’s the DBPR that made the rule, and it’s them that are saying the NGA overstepped their authority.

  4. They just got scared to that people would see the truth of how the dogs live..
    Plain and simple the “yes” bunch are nothing but cowards.

    1. That would explain why they didn’t want people taking pictures or video of what they saw in the kennels. It sounds like the industry is afraid of the truth being shown.

      1. It’s obvious why nobody wants photos and videos stolen from public pages and people’s profiles: because YOU and your unethical kind have consistently stolen and modified photos and videos in sinister, untruthful ways to increase the amount of Grey2K propaganda you publish. How would you like it if someone stole photos of YOU and spread lies using your face?!

          1. Eric, people are tired of your group stealing their pictures, manipulating them, brandishing them with your group’s logo, and using them to try and sell your twisted propaganda. It’s really not that hard to understand.

          2. Lori, I asked why there was an objection to people on the tours taking their own pictures. Why would you not want people to take their own pictures? I imagine it’s because you can’t control what those pictures would show, and that scares the life out of the pro-racing side.

        1. Please don’t spread his ugly face around, I lose my appetite when I see, but hey Eric you oughta be proud of me, I just ate some carrots, raw organic of course. Want to be personally trained by me online, $500 a month, will even throw in a meal plan with lots of juicy red meat.

      2. Truth is I owned and raised greyhounds for 20 years, the kennels at the track are dirty, they stink like piss. The dogs can only piss during turn outs, so trainers get mad at the dog, I’ve seen them get beat, I’ve seen them kill each other. In iowa at Bluffs Run I reported on a trainer for beating a dog, the state looked into it and did nothing, but when they did investigation in to him he was a criminal on the run. Hello why did iowa give him a license to begin with.

        1. OMG! What a freakin liar you are. The kennels are cleaner than most peoples homes. Greyhounds never get beat for any reason. Who put you up to this and how much were you paid? Just stop the bull shit already. Vote NO on 13.

          1. Just because you don’t like it, Ruth, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. “Jackass” is providing first-hand knowledge. You have no experience to refute his eyewitness account.

          2. Eric, how do you know “jackass”, which he is, is providing 1st hand knowledge? He could be any on of you sick activists making this all up. Which he is. And look who’s calling the kettle black? Just because you’ve heard greyhounds are abused, doesn’t mean it’s true, right Eric? Because you have NEVER witnessed any abuse. It’s all hearsay. So if I were you, I wouldn’t accuse me or anyone of misrepresentation. You should be the last person to open your lying mouth.

          3. I don’t know Jackass, Ruth. Apparently you do, because you claim to know his experience better than he does. So how do you know him? Or are you just discounting his information because it doesn’t conform with your pre-conceived notions?

          4. I didn’t say you knew him Eric, but you seem to know he’s telling the “truth”. Why believe him, but not believe the people that work with greyhounds every day? Talk about being a hypocrite. I don’t know him. I don’t want to know him. He’s a liar. Vote NO on13. We got this!

          5. You know nothing about him but we’re supposed to take your word over his. You can’t even speak to the locations he’s speaking of. Again, just because you don’t like it, it isn’t any less true.

          6. Same with you huh Eric? You don’t know “jackass”, but you believe him? Isn’t that calling the kettle black? You don’t if what he says is true. So why do you believe him? Because he’s anti like you? You can only believe anti liars? Tick, Tick, Tick. Counting down to NO on 13. Getting nervous Eric? You should be! #total trickeration!

          7. Why should I believe you any more than Jackass? Both of you claim to be providing personal anecdotes. If you want to discount his testimony, then you’re saying we should discount yours, too.

  5. The tour invites were open to any and all of the Florida public, with no motive other than showing Florida voters the truth. A truth that they should be entitled to see first hand, should Amendment 13 be on the ballot this November or not.

    This is nothing more than a blatent attempt by the Yes on 13 camp to cover up the lies that their entire campaign has been based on.
    If any thing reguarding the living conditions posed by PD13 was indeed true, then you would think that they would be doing cartwheels over the thought of people getting to see the truth. Their desperate attempts to have the kennel tours shut down speaks not only to the credibility of Carey Theil and Christine Dorchak as individuals, but also to the entire Yes on 13 campaign. They clearly have no confidence in their convictions and should now realize that their attempt at “hiding the ball” is now a matter of public record.

    As far as the allegation of “staged political photo opportunities”, that is quite laughable, coming from a group who ADMITS that they steal and alter photos and video footage made by others to suit their agenda.

    With the tracks and kennels gladly and proudly opening their doors, while the PD13 group advocates for the tours to be canceled, it’s clear who has something to hide.

    Theil, Dorchak and PD13 can attempt to spin this any way that they like, but all Florida voters should consider this as nothing but “Outright Trickeration” and a deliberatly deceptive tactic on the part of the Protect Dogs- Yes on 13 campaign to hide the truth.


    1. It’s the DBPR’s rules, not the Yes on 13! campaign. The fact that the FGA and NGA didn’t understand they were regulated by the agency is ridiculous.

    2. Eric’s objection would have validity if Carey Theil’s name didn’t show up all over the public record petition revealing the duplicity of “protect dogs” being played on Florida’s animal lovers. I wonder if Eric know 98 cents of every dollar he gives to Grey2k goes anywhere but helping Greyhounds? Being duped is not fun — especially when victimized repeatedly.

        1. That’s an absolute lie, Francesca, and you know it. Either provide evidence or retract your ridiculous claim.

          1. You know it’s true, after all your side is the one that’s true, as evidenced by OUTRIGHT TRICKERATION. That’s the thing with you nut case vegan ALF members, the end justifies the means to you.

          2. As Fred would say ” I am the proof “, who do you think people believe, honest hard wording dog lovers, or documented lying weirdo fringe lunatics who are in bed with racketeers and were found guilty of outright trickeration?

          3. Baseless accusations? See, I told you people, now Eric is claiming HSUS were not fined 15 million for racketeering, which is certainly true. All they so is liw.

        2. Typical. You make an allegation, get pressed for evidence to support it, and then you try to change the argument. You’re a liar, Francesca, and I don’t throw that out casually. Again, either provide evidence for the claim you made about the group I work with or retract your false statement.

          1. I am the proof, funny how you accept that from fred but not when it is used against you. You know it’s true, after all, people involved with a group who is aligned with ALF is capable of anything.

            Funny you call me a liar, when it is your group who has a documented liar as president and who was found guilty of OUTRIGHT TRICKERATION. Go ahead and say both of those are a lie too, like you said HSUS being guilty of racketeering isn’t true.

        3. You are the proof of what, Francesca? Are you claiming to be a member of the group you maligned? Step up and prove your claims or stop making them.

          1. Funny how you don’t comment on Dorchak being a confirmed liar, or being aligned with ALF, or you lying about your buddies HSUS being racketeers

          1. Of course not, because it’s true. Are you going to admit you lied about your buddies at HSUS being convicted RACKETEERS?

      1. You’re fantasizing again, George. GREY2K USA Worldwide had nothing to do with this. I look forward to seeing you retract your assertions when the evidence you claim is completely missing.

        1. Rosica knows the truth, Mr. Blind; the DBPR is required to surrender their notes on who sent all the complaints: CAREY THEIL. Then the #OutrightTrickeration being played on his own supporters will be fully revealed.

          1. Prove it, George. You’re guessing. Actually, not even guessing – you’re just making up what you want to be true.

          2. The DBPR has the goods on Carey Theil and his #OutrightTrickeration — and they’re required by law to cough up their notes tracking who complained. Your boy is going down, Mr. Blind.

  6. All cults all radical animal right groups need to control the media. They can’t have you see the truth or their scam goes up in flames.

    They will tell you what the inside of a kennel is like even though they have never been in one. You can not and will not be allowed inside as long as they have their way.

  7. Jim Rosica already knows the truth. Like a rash, Theil’s and Dorchak’s names will appear all over Cory’s public records request — and then the #OutrightTrickeration will again be revealed, Pro-13 simultaneously claiming publicly how kennel conditions awful but trying to prevent Floridians from discovering their latest lie by preventing them from seeing the truth for themselves.

    And all of Florida’s animal lovers who trusted GREY2K? Revealed as nothing but dupes who Theil and Dorchak steal money from, less than 2 cents on every donationd dollar they squeeze ever helping any Greyhound.

    Protect Dogs? Donate every dollar you can to your LOCAL SHELTER instead. You’ll be up 98 cents from what Theil & Dorchak have been stealing from you.

    1. This isn’t a new rule, George. The new part is that the NGA thought they could ignore the rule that has been in effect for many years.

      1. It’s a new application of an old policy — and Carey Theil’s name is like a rash in the public record petition hiding the truth from voters. Why would he dupe Florida animal lovers like you, Eric? Sad.


        1. Again, George, show us the evidence that anyone associated with GREY2K USA Worldwide had *anything* to do with the DBPR enforcing their own rule. You’re not going to find it.

          If you don’t like the way the DBPR is enforcing their policies, then take it up with them.

          1. Florida law requires the DBPR give up their notes, Mr. Blind. Then the #OutrightTrickeration will be revealed: CAREY THEIL DUPES HIS OWN SUPPORTERS!

            Rosica knows — and the entire Florida news media will be fast behind him writing the same headline.

  8. The people who work with the racers daily know the one big truth that the Protect Dogs campaign seems to underestimate. That truth is the racers can not be “staged” or “posed.” People are able to see the welfare of the racers themselves and that observation is what scares the supporters of Amendment 13. The Dogs Don’t Lie.

    1. Kennels can’t be staged for photo ops? You can’t have people on notice make sure they clean up everything before the tour comes through? That they never do a walk-through before they let folks in to see what’s there? They can’t choose specific kennels as better than others to show off?

      Those are ways that these events get staged.

      1. You clearly have not been in a kennel and do not understand that you cannot “stage” them. Try working in a kennel for a day and then get back to me.

  9. This is no big deal. As I’ve said all along, it’s not about the kennels anyway. Whether a dog is in a clean, well lighted kennel, or a dirty, dark one that dog is still being exploited. He or she is still putting his or her life on the line for the profit of others, and he or she will still be discarded by a callous industry when no longer able to make money. The kennels were always a Potemkin village show put on by the industry to divert people’s attention from the real issue.

        1. Look up the stats yourself. The AVMA and NAPHIA both have valuable info.
          Consider the safety precautions taken daily to ensure the safety of Racing hounds…and not just during a race. Whether you admit or not, those measures are in place and valuable.
          Look outside the small box you’ve placed yourself in and think about all the hazards pet dogs face. Those that are killed every year by dog attacks, house fires, suffocation, car accidents (both in and out), poison ingestion, etc, etc etc.

          1. I’d love to look up the stats, but the NGA and other organizations continue to oppose the keeping of any injury statistics on greyhounds. Where are those numbers? Once you can provide an account of racing-related greyhound injuries, we can start comparing to other statistics.

          2. Let’s talk about statistics of fraud, you know, like your buddies HSUS being charged with racketeering, like dorkchak being a documented liar plus keynote speaker at your sister organization ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT, like grey2k losing a defamation case in MASS, and on and on and on

          3. Oh, you folks have some stats. You keep touting the vaguest of them all…”every three days”.
            I’d say that constitutes a pretty serious injury. No?Let’s start there.
            Above I stated where you can find info on pet dog deaths.

            So for me there’s no contest…if i have a choice, I’m coming back as an NGA Greyhound. You can take your chances as a pet dog. I’ll keep you in my prayers and hope your people remember to roll down the car windows for ya! 😉

          4. There’s nothing vague about a greyhound dying every three days on a Florida track. That was documented through state records.

    1. In that case, will Grey2K and PD13 emplore the DBPR to reistate the tours? If it is “no big deal”, then why not let the Florida voters see for themselves?

        1. And it was the 2 head liars on the records who made it happen vegan weirdo, more outright trickeration. Any fool can see the reasoning behind it. Your side will stop at nothing to deceive, you are going to lose one way or another

          1. Prove it, Andy. Show any evidence that supports your fantasy. And quoting George doesn’t count as evidence or support.

          2. It has been proven 4 eyes, their names are all over the public records Cory obtained, it will be in the news reports, your crowd is running scared, desperation, this will come in handy if there is a vote in 2020 when you scammers fraudently obtain names for a petition drive,

          3. We know we’re getting close to a break through because Carey Theil only posts in this thread under an alias. When the DBPR coughs up their notes — as they are required to do under Florida law — the headlines will be everywhere. Only Mr. Blind can’t see it.

    2. What you have said all along is the same as your criminal cohorts, LIES. Potemkin village is what you and your fraudster cohorts practice. Go ahead and once again ignore all the evidence of FRAUD, let’s not forget blackmail either. No surprise you won’t debate Mr Parker, because the lot of you are fraudsters.

    3. How are they discarded? There are over 80 adoption groups that support the NO on 13 campaign and support racing. Over 95% of greyhounds in the US go to adoptive homes after racing – so do you mean discarded into adoptive homes and not kept by the racing owners or kennels? How many dogs and cats are discarded in Pinellas or Leon or Brevard or Dade counties every year when they are no longer wanted and how man of those dogs and cats are put down by the counties?

  10. No surprises with this. The cowards and liars are afraid of the truth getting out and their money printing scheme getting exposed. Money over integrity. I hope that the Justices of the Florida Supreme Court see through their scam, throw 13 off the ballot and make Grey2k pay legal fees.

    1. “No surprises.” Apparently, it was a surprise to the NGA that they have to follow the same rules as everyone else. You’d have thought they would understand that when the DBPR says areas are off-limits, those areas are off-limits.

  11. LOL – Fred actually made a comment without using the word “commodification.” New buzz phrase: Potemkin village.

  12. Eric, if you are so confident then why won’t the anti-racing party debate? Carey and Christine are nothing but a couple of liars who are running scared.

      1. You mean such as the evidence Judge Giever’s cited, OUTRIGHT TRICKERATION, that is how all your ” evidence” is

  13. Let’s say that the DBPR chooses to amend the protocol and allow the kennel tours to take place…
    Would PD13 object or encourage the tours to take place? If they have any confidence behind their convictions, they should be overjoyed that the kennels are opening their doors to the public…

    1. Of course they won’t, and Eric and Fred will go to the ends of the earth to protect their lying masters. This is actually a good thing because it is further evidence of the outright trickeration they have practiced since they first got into the fraud business. With each new trick they hammer another nail in their coffin. I predict the SC court throws it out 6-1

    2. Get back to us when the rule changes.

      And what’s the issue with people taking their own pictures? Why is that specifically prohibited?

  14. The best part? Right now this very minute Carey Theil and Christine Dorchak are huddling to discuss what NEW LIE they will launch on the Florida media and their own side’s duped supporters to explain away all the facts of their duplicity. Just more #OutrightTrickeration from Grey2k.

    WAKE UP, FLORIDA NEWS MEDIA! The headlines are breaking now… You have lying fraudsters operating in your own backyard — and they’re from Massachusetts.

  15. For anyone paying attention, the Florida racing individuals that spoke at the CRC’s invited every single Commissioner to visit the kennels… only one took us up on the offer – Commissioner John Stemberger.
    Commissioner Stemberger’s tours resulted in his vote against the putting it on the ballot.

    As for the video crews coming in, I can personally attest that CBS Evening News came to Blanchard Kennel in 2015 & they found no wrongdoing, no abuse, no cruelty…nothing negative whatsoever. *They* ran the show, nothing was staged.

    For some reason, the DBPR (or others involved) want to keep our doors closed to the public when we want to invite everyone willing in to see our truth! Happy, healthy & well cared for working dogs.

    These kennel visits and tours have been going on for years and years. This kennel tour idea came from the NGA, not the FGA, as again – we had been showing visitors the truth for years in Florida.

  16. We have time and time again invited those in legislature and holding any elected public office to come to our kennel unannounced, they could arrive and call to tell us they are waiting. We live 7 minutes from the compound. We would come at any time to let them in and see the dogs. How many times were those offers taken? In our case, our track, none. Not one person elected office has attempted to surprise us with visit, not one has bothered with investigating on there own. I know this does not stand for all officials in all areas, but those local to me have yet to come and see with their own eyes exactly how our dogs are cared for. If they had, I don’t believe this would have ever gone so far about has. Had the CRC done their job in investigating the claims, this would have gone no further. Unfortunately they failed us. They couldn’t be bothered to find the truth.

  17. I attended three of the CRC meetings throughout the state, invited all the members on the committee to my kennel to see for themselves how well these animals are kept and treated, even passed out business cards with contact information told them they can show up unannounced anytime they want, nobody showed up. I can’t help it if they don’t want to learn the truth.

  18. See, this is how I know I’m right. You talk about everything except the point I brought up. You’re strategy is getting a little threadbare there Andy boy, plus you forgot to say trickeration…oh, excuse me…TRICKERATION.

    1. Fred, the only ones exploiting greyhounds is grey2k, once again, what you do is FRAUD, by the way, I see you don’t know the difference in your and you’re either, for someone who enjoys bragging about how intelligent and educated he is, one should know 2nd grade english, I remember Judge Geisler too. Yet again, Fred doesn’t care to mention the growing list of ” crafted to mislead”. Of course documented fraud is ” irrelevant” when one wishes to keep the scam alive

  19. You misunderstood my point. The kennels are irrelevant because no matter what kennel a dog is in, that dog is still being exploited. That’s what Prop 13 is about: ending the heartless commodification of greyhounds and cruel exploitation of greyhound racing.

    1. Fred,

      YOU must have coined that statement .. you certainly are proud of it!

      You folks are caterwauling constantly about the kennels yet suddenly, now they are irrelevant.

      1. Exactly, just like when Fred says all the documented lying and fraud perpetrated by grey2k is ‘ irrelevant”

  20. dis·card verb
    past tense: discarded; past participle: discarded
    get rid of (someone or something) as no longer useful or desirable.

    What do you call it when unprofitable dogs are given over to adoption simply because you can’t make any more money off of them?

    1. I call it a blessing. Retired racers go on to be service dogs, therapy dogs, and cherished family pets. They are truly a blessing to the people whose lives they’ve touched. Thank you greyhound racing for giving me the opportunity to have these incredible dogs in my life. You and the other fake dog protectors would rather bring about the destruction of the breed.

      1. Why do the greyhounds have to go through the exploitation of racing before they can go on to do those other tasks? There are other breeds that do the same jobs but they don’t have to spend the first several years of their lives running around a track, risking injury and death, and then being locked in a cage for up to 23 hours a day.

        Nobody is looking to “destroy” any breed. The argument is ridiculous. Nobody is saying you can’t breed greyhounds. In fact, there are a number of breeders who have said they would continue breeding after racing ends. So the breed will live on, just as so many other breeds continue without the tasks they used to be associated with.

        The end of racing means the end of greyhound exploitation, not the end of greyhounds.

        1. There isn’t going to be an end to racing, not in Florida, on the contrary, it will thrive after we put you fraudsters in your place. The fact that you starved a greyhound to defraud people is all one needs to know about you, just like your buddies HSUS, you those racketeers

        2. Which breeders have said that? There are only a handful of greyhounds bred every year outside of racing. Racing greyhounds are a product of their breeding, the way they are raised, and the way they are cared for during their careers. If greyhound racing were to end, I have no doubt that the greyhound that we know today would cease to exist. And that would be sad.

          1. I’m not going to bother going back through my notes to prove that people on your side have said they plan to continue breeding greyhounds. The greyhound breed has been around for thousands of years, essentially unchanged. Greyhound racing developed less than 80 years ago and exploited the natural ability of the greyhound. The breed hasn’t changed and won’t change.

  21. Industry leaders fall asleep at the wheel again….

    I am in the industry and cannot believe that our FGA/NGA leaders cannot do the simplest of tasks or follow the simplest of rules again.

    I know I cannot access any secure area of the PB track or the off site racing compound ever without my license. If for some reason I forget my license I go to the appropriate State agency office and ask for a temporary replacement or a new permanent one.

    Why would you think that John Smith off the street unregulated with no background checks would ever get the chance to visit a kennel without following the proper rules/regulations? Who came up with this pipe dream without thinking it through? Is this being done so the kennel at PB with the latest embarrassing drug test failure the right to say it was an ‘undesirable visitor’ that slipped all of my dogs drugs and its not by fault?

    These rules/regulations were put in place many years ago to ensure the integrity of the sport and also ensure that all steps are covered to not allow anyone to ever question the protocols outlined to ensure that bettors, greyhound owners, the community etc.. are ever called into question.

    I have been licensed in at least one state since 1994 and follow the guidelines, rules and regulations to the T. Why is it that folks jump on this thread that don’t fully understand the implications of their ongoing negative feedback that does nothing but inflame the voters we are trying to win over?

    Mr. Blanchard and Mr. Gartland have been around a very long time and know the rules/regulations. I feel like they are challenging those rules/regulations in an effort to create a situation like we are chatting about on this thread over doing the right thing and moving forward correctly. i.e incite everyone with misinformation, no facts, no ethics and definitely no morals.

    Why does the industry continue to kill itself every possible juncture by not being upfront, honest, produce facts and work together to find solutions?

    What is it going to take where the big players in the industry that have the most to lose step up to the plate and 1) support adoptions instead of dumping their greyhounds on any available adoption agency with no $ support, 2) thoroughly think through their decisions and the possible impact it may have across the board and 3) reel in the detractors, nay-sayers, negative posters, and folks that use the same excuse over and over that has no factual basis to begin with?

    It is time for the industry to change and grow or choose the easier method and rollover and die.

    1. Just more #OutrightTrickeration. If the lies Carey Theil has spread were true, he would be doing cartwheels of joy for the public to see the awful conditions inside the kennels. But instead he is the very person complaining to the bureau and it’s CAREY THEIL’S NAME that shows up like a rash all over the public information petition trying to deny that right to the very same Florida citizens trusted to cast informed votes in November. Will he ever stop lying to his own supporters?

      Theil already scams 98 cents of every donation dollar from duped animal lovers. You could donate to your local animal shelter and literally deliver 50-times more good for the animals in-need than donating to Grey2k. Sad.

      Being duped is no fun, funny-named “UTT” — especially when you’re a repeat victim. Hardly surprising you’re using an alias… who could blame you?

      1. You just helped prove my point. The rules are there for a reason, why do you think it is acceptable to disregard them in this case? Do you have a license in the state of Florida to be on the secured track premises or off site kennel compounds(where exists)?

        Would you be ok with someone joining a tour and doing something more damaging than what you are doing in this thread?

        It is evident that this has not been fully thought through and folks really need to start thinking these plans through a bit more before we continue to allow the industry to collapse into oblivion….

          1. You give me too much credit, Joe. I have nothing to do with UTT. I don’t hide behind aliases or fake names.

        1. The “rule” has never been enforced. There is video evidence of this fact everywhere. That’s what makes it specious and fraudulent— especially now that Carey Theil, already cited for #OutrightTrickeration — is the very one filing complaints.

          You have the same problem Theil has, keeping your lies straight.

  22. What a shame,trying to hide how well these dogs are taken care of,why else would they cancel kennel tours. Then we hear it’s theil and dorkchack yet again trying to pull out the stops again on us being honest how well these Greyhounds are being taken care of. How dare they be allowed to get away with this outright trickeration. Yes,they are now worried that their scheme is not going to last,defrauding people out of their money and bring in over 6 million yearly and not one stinking dollar goes to help Greyhounds.
    They have stolen pictures and altered them and recently stole a video of a friend and changed and altered the video to their silly lies.
    How much longer are people going to believe their lies? I think they are worried due to people seeing how these amazing racers are kept and this was their last outright trickeration ….to stop tours of the kennels to see the Greyhounds since that would prove they are lying about the so called conditions. Shame on you greed2k,you just keep scamming people out of their money. You should return all the money you scammed people out of by lying.

  23. Another thing, these Greyhounds once they are retired are adopted out to loving families.
    The adoption rate is around 97% and they are not discarded as grey2k says…that’s just more outright trickeration.
    You cannot believe a thing they say. They take your money and bring in over 6 million a year and not 1 penny goes to the Greyhounds…..yes,that’s a perfect example of outright trickeration.

    1. Seriously?! The adoption rate is now “97%”? Do you have one iota of evidence to support that ridiculous assertion?

      Clearly, accounting is not your forte, either.

      1. Hey, veganism impacts one’s eyesight, as you are proof of. Apparently you cannot see all the lies your side tells, now you will say HSUS being charged with racketeering isn’t true

  24. I’ll agree with you that it’s a blessing because the alternatives are being sold for medical research or killed outright, but ask yourself why they need to be adopted in the first place. It’s because the industry can make no more money off of them and has abandoned them.

    1. They are not abandoned! They go to adoption groups that take great care to find them homes. I consider it a privilege and an honor to be given the opportunity to have these remarkable dogs in my life. Thank you to the men and women who spend their lives raising and taking care of the greyhounds!

  25. And why do they need to be adopted into loving families? Because the industry has sucked every last buck it can off of them and has discarded them like you discard yesterday’s newspaper. Retired. Ha. More like abandoned.

  26. The numbers don’t lie. Less than two percent of Grey2k’s donations actually makes it’s way towards the actual care and welfare of the dogs. The rest is spent on advertising, salaries and benefits, lobbying and travel. The HSUS just got stripped of their charity status and funneled millions to offshore bank accounts. These are the two largest organizations pushing the passage of proposed amendment 13. When they have been challenged to a debate about the actual treatment of the dogs they have declined. Sounds kind of fishy to me, because they are afraid that their lies will be exposed and their donations will dry up. #votenoon13

    1. The numbers don’t lie, but your attempt at accounting is pitiful. Nothing you’ve said is factual.

      1. Everything he says is factual, I do believe it is your side that ” crafted to mislead”. In other words LIE. Care to repeat the lie that dorkchak isn’t A PROVEN LIAR?

  27. To anyone who cares to learn the truth, send a public information request to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering and request all the 2018 greyhound death reports and investigations, all the 2018 greyhound drug reports and investigations, and anything else you feel like reading. This is advice for both sides of the issue:


    1. How childish to comment using someone elses’ name. And P.S.- next time you might want to attempt to spell it correctly, just saying

    2. You can find the truth by googling ‘ Grey2k blackmail west va” and ” Christine Dorchak animal liberation front”

  28. a·ban·don
    verb: abandon; 3rd person present: abandons; past tense: abandoned; past participle: abandoned; gerund or present participle: abandoning
    1. cease to support or look after (someone); desert.

    And what happens when greyhounds no longer make money for their owners? Those owners “cease to support or look after (someone); desert.” Sounds like abandon to me.

    1. ….having a plan in place to rehome their Greys after they no longer race is NOT abandoning them. Cripes!
      Every GD dog breeder on the planet is discarding and abandoning their (for profit) pups too, by your way of thinking.

  29. We have long pointed out that confining dogs in crates for upwards of 20 hours a day is inhumane, but we’ve also made clear that is only a symptom of the illness. The fact that these dogs are viewed as a mere means to an end and thus are treated in these cruel ways is the real sickness and that’s why greyhound racing must end.

  30. First of all, how can a dog be “rehomed” when that dog never had a home. Born on farms, confined to kennels until no longer profitable, then discarded because money can no longer be made off of them. That is a fate specific only to greyhounds who suffer in racing gulags across the state.

    1. HOMED then. I knew as soon as I wrote that you would jump on it.
      Regardless, because these Greys aren’t “homed” as puppies doesn’t mean they lead any less, well lived years . A different life? Absolutely.
      IMO, they live a far more sociable, healthy, safer and much more enjoyable life than that of a pet dog.
      Do you think puppies bred commercially in kennels (for profit) to go live in a home,that are left alone for 10 hrs a day without human interaction or engagement of any kind (which a vast majority are), exercised far less than they should be, socially inept AND if their fortunate aren’t rehomed because they are no longer cute, cuddly puppies, have a better existence?
      You’re focused on the wrong population of dogs.

      1. “IMO, they live a far more sociable, healthy, safer and much more enjoyable life than that of a pet dog.”

        OK you’re going to have to walk me through that one. Born on farms which are glorified puppy mills. Getting attention focused on their potential profitability until they are taken off to the racing kennel where again their attention revolves around keeping them profitable. Placed in danger every time they race, then discarded when they stop making money. That’s better than life as a companion animal?

        1. Spin it, Fred! Spin it good.
          You’ll still have some clingers. Hanging on to your every word.
          You and I will never find a common ground and could debate this until the end of time.
          So I’ll end this, with the profound knowledge that I am right and you know I am right. 😁
          You have accomplished something though …you created a deep seeded anxiety in me whenever I see the name, Fred.

  31. Well, since my name is mentioned I’d like to point out that this sort of reaction was missing when someone was posting as Carey Theil’s dad, but that being said I’m not a fan of pseudonyms. Even though I spent ten years as Ironicus Maximus, everyone who wanted to knew who I was.

    1. We all know who you are Fred, someone who will go to the ends of the earth to defend an organization who has been deceiving people for donations since it’s inception. Even now, in the face of overwhelming evidence of your fraudulent outfit, in bed with HSUS, who was fined 15 million dollars far racketeering, you continue spinning away the ever lengthening list of deceit. You are going to lose, the tide has turned, if by some miracle it gets on the ballot, you will be lucky to get 40%, much less 60. Voters of Florida do not like an out of state scam group trying to trick them. Your fringe weirdo supporters excluded of course.

  32. “I’ll take scams for $1000 Alex”
    “This for profit organization claims to help greyhounds saying that they are abused, but yet less than two percent of their donations actually help them and the rest is spent on salaries and lobbying”
    “What is Grey2k?”

    1. Keep on speaking the same mindless drivel you always have, not going to work in Florida. Nothing more than slimy fraudsters, the lot of you. Trying everything you can to keep the scam going, afraid to debate Mr Parker, no matter how you spin it.

      On a different subject, how many years has it been since the GDP has been higher than the unemployment rate? Thank God we have a real President.

  33. Eric, if I recall correctly your invite got revoked because you’re a southbound end of a northbound horse and can’t be trusted.

    1. I have never been invited by a person who had actual authority to extend such an invitation. So, no, you are not recalling correctly.

  34. Then prove it by accepting the challenges to a debate!!!! Otherwise you’re just as much of a chicken as the Grey2k cronnies.

  35. It’s obvious that you haven’t read the financials for both organizations. Would you like me to read them to you? I’ve only been doing accounting work for 20 years.

  36. We all know that Eric can’t read a basic income statement. His ignorance of the truth and lack of willingness to debate John Parker shows that he is in cahoots with Grey2k and the HSUS. He is probably meeting with Carey and Christine to figure out the next set of lies and photos to steal as I write this.

    1. Craig, I’m the vice-president of GREY2K USA Worldwide. I’ve never made a secret of that fact. Do try to keep up.

        1. Eric, I try to keep up but I have a real job that doesn’t involve scamming people out of their money with lies, manipulation and theft. Being the VP of Grey2k is nothing to be proud of. I equate it to being a preacher at events like Mardi Gras calling people sinners or a Scientologist or a Wal-Mart Ohio State fan and so forth. If your so-called organization is so confident as you spout it off to be then put up or shut up on the debate challenges, otherwise you are nothing but a chicken, because you know that the truth will expose your lies. The racing community won over this former anti-racing person and my wife 16 years ago with the truth.

          1. Please feel free to present your “truth” at any time, Craig. We know the facts and so does the public.

            1. Greyhounds are caged for up to 23 hours per day.
            2. Greyhounds are at risk of injury and death every time they race.
            3. According to state records, a greyhound dies every three days at Florida tracks.
            4. Greyhounds are fed raw, 4D meat.
            5. When greyhounds are no longer useful to the racing industry, they are considered a liability.

          2. Ok Eric, I will bite.

            They aren’t caged 23 hours a day, they are let out several times a day for hours at a time. If they were caged 23 hours a day they would not have the muscle structure that they do, they would be fat like me.

            All athletes are at risk of injury or death every time they compete, just like all professions have a risk of injury or death when they are doing their job. By the numbers the number of dogs permanently injured or died are less that one one-thousandth of a percent of the total starts.

            The greyhound dies every three days is another bold faced lie by the animal rights nut jobs. Yes, all deaths are reported even if they aren’t racing related. How many animals does the HSUS put down in one day??? Why don’t you crazies attack the horse racing industry?

            4D meat is a myth, greyhounds are fed meat from unproductive dairy cows mixed with kibble and rice that is a very lean meat.

            If you want to call them liabilities when they are retired or done racing that is your wording. In that case then anyone drawing social security, welfare, children or household pets could be considered liabilities. At least the owners and kennels are adopting out the greyhounds an option and the adoption rate is near 100 percent, compared to over 30 years ago.

            I am not an industry expert, but I am an educated individual who is fighting for the industry even though I am not in Florida. Once again Grey2k needs accept the debate challenges by the experts or shut up with their lies, manipulation and theft.

          3. Here are some facts for Eric 1! Your president is a PROVEN liar. 2. She gave a keynote speech at an ALF convention.3. Her picture is proudly viewable on their website,3. Grey2k tried to blackmail a gubernatorial candidate in WVA 4. Grey2k was sued for libel in Mass, 5. Grey2k was found guilty of OUTRIGHT TRICKERATION

          4. 1. Greyhound track/kennel workers have said, in your own propaganda, that the dogs are let out of their cages for 15-minute turnouts as many as four times a day. That would leave the dogs locked up for 23 hours a day. Even if that is the extreme, and the more common claim that the turnouts are as long as one hour at a time, that would still leave the dogs caged for 20 hours per day.

            2. The number of starts is an irrelevant statistic when you’re looking at the number of dogs injured and killed. The proper number is comparing the total number of greyhounds at a track at any given time to the number of dogs injured or killed at that track. Comparing greyhounds to human athletes is an invalid comparison. When was a human athlete killed because of a career-ending injury?

            3. The death rate of greyhounds at Florida tracks was thoroughly researched and documented. The newspaper that published the article requested state and track records and derived the number from those official records.

            4. 4D meat is a fact. It’s recognized as “unfit for human consumption” and is commonly mixed with charcoal to keep it out of the human food system.

            5. The greyhound racing industry considers greyhounds to be a commodity and when they can’t use them for racing, they get rid of them. For many years, that meant the dogs were killed and buried in mass graves. As the public became aware of what was going on, groups were formed to ensure those unwanted dogs were homed appropriately. Commodity is my word because it’s an accurate term for how the greyhound is used and viewed by the industry.

            6. Your education or location is immaterial to the argument. Your claims about misinformation, theft, etc. are baseless, just like the same arguments your cohort are parroting on this and other articles.

          5. Right, our claims are baseless, that’s why dorchak is a documented liar, hats why they have resorted to blackmail in the past, that’s why they are in bed with racketeers, that’s why they were found guilty of outright trickeration. Its all they know, as you can see they are still practicing it

  37. As I said before, we have long complained about the treatment of dogs in the kennels, particularly their confinement and the contaminated food they are given, but at the same time, have pointed out that these are symptoms of a larger issue, namely the institutionalized cruelty at the heart of greyhound racing. Prop 13 isn’t about kennels, it’s about ending the suffering of all greyhounds trapped in racing gulags across the state.

    1. Again, now it’s not about kennels when before they talked incessantly about them. they change their minds on what is or is not important at any point in time, just like the fraudsters they are, now kennels are ‘ irrelevant ‘, like the docimented lying, blackmail etc etc etc is ” irrelevant”. Such shameless liars. Get that safe room ready freddie

  38. Andy, please look past your bias for a minute and read what I wrote. I said we have always complained about the suffering that greyhounds endure in the kennels, but at the same time have pointed out that the kennels are a symptom of the larger issue and that is the institutionalized cruelty at the heart of greyhound racing. The kennels are a part of the problem the same as the injuries, the food, the lack of adequate care, etc., etc., Prop 13 is about ending all of that.

  39. They get a great diet, and the care they receive is unsurpassed. You are a lying fraudster Fred, as all the documented fraud perpetrated by grey2k proves, as judge gievers proved, as the way your side steals and manipulates pictures proves, as blackmail proves. The only reason your side doesn’t want voters in the kennels is because your lies will be exposed. Anything to keep the scam going. You are going to lose, mark my words. Truth wins out.

  40. If their diet is so great what happened to the two dogs that died and the 97 that got sick at Daytona? Or the one that died and the 72 that got sick at Sanford? Also, explain “unsurpassed” to me using dental care as your example.

  41. I have no clue as to what you are talking about, was probably years ago if true at all. No dogs I have seen have dental problems. If any did get sick or died like you say it is by FAR in the minority, like the drug tests yall crow about that is 1/100 th of 1 percent, that was thrown out by the courts. People get salmonella and such too, so let’s shut down food production by your argument. That’s what fraudsters do, take one small thing and blow it all out of proportion. Every track house in house vets to see to their every need. They get far better care than average pets.

  42. 90% of these comments are cancer. It’s uneducated vs. uneducated by two extreme sides. It would be nice to get some input for once from a regular joe…since that’s going to be the majority voting.

    1. Neither side is uneducated in this issue, John. What’s your take on the issue of commercial greyhound racing?

    2. Hi John, I am not involved in greyhound racing. I started looking into it after I adopted a retired racer in 2010 as I wanted to learn about my dog’s life before he became a pet. I found happy, healthy dogs doing what they loved and a community of people who loved them. If you would like to hear more from the perspective of the people who adopt these dogs, please check out https://www.greyhoundadopters4racing.com

      1. Funny, Lori, I wasn’t involved in greyhound racing at all either until we adopted our first greyhound. It was after that point I came to understood the risks these dogs were put at during races and the inhumane treatment they received. That’s when I became a greyhound advocate.

        What you consider “love” is very different from what most people think. People who love their dogs wouldn’t risk them being killed for profit. People who love their dogs wouldn’t lock them in cages for up to 23 hours per day. People who love their dogs wouldn’t kill them because of treatable injuries, like broken legs. People who love their dogs wouldn’t inject the females with anabolic steroids to avoid estrus. No, what you call “love” is not the love of an animal, it’s the love of profit and status.

    3. John, I am not uneducated by the longest shot and I have two pieces of paper hanging on my wall to prove it. I once was anti-racing, but while doing a paper for my masters degree I found out the truth and became pro-racing. Now I am fighting for the hard working honest people in the racing industry from Michigan after adopting 7 greyhounds over the past 16 years and fostering several others. Why I fight? Simple, I don’t like liars and scam artists and that is the force behind proposed amendment 13, along with the greed of the Seminoles who want a monopoly on gaming in the State of Florida. Otherwise I am just an average Joe.

  43. The dogs that got sick and died were at Sanford last year. It was in all the papers. Maybe you should renew your subscription. The others were from about three years ago, hardly the long past. As for dental care, you should fire those vets that check your dogs’ teeth because since Ive been working in rescue, after fleas and ticks, their teeth are by far the worst. In fact it’s not unusual for a dog to lose some teeth when at the rescue vet because they are too far gone.

  44. Like I said, A VERY isolated instance, we all notice how you don’t mention that fact, such as people get food poisoning on a daily basis. Nor do you mention the bs drug tests being 1/100th of one percent.

    Everybody notice how he doesn’t answer the question concerning the liar in chief either. He likes to act like the mountain of evidence of lies and fraud doesn’t exist. Again, why should we believe anything you say when your president is a comfirmed and documented liar.

    As for subscriptions, since I work for my money and you are a board member of a group who defrauds people, why doesn’t grey2scam get me a subscription?

  45. I would hardly call 169 dogs getting sick and three dying at two different locations “isolated.” And that report made the news for it’s extreme nature. How many other dogs haven’t gotten sick, or died in groups of two or three that we haven’t heard of? 4-D meat has been shown to be dangerous to the health of the dogs on numerous occasions. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, raw 4-D meat “may present a potential health hazard to the animals that consume it and to the people who handle it.”

  46. Well, since my name is being used again, I’ll jump in and say, of what are you the proof Francesca? I should also point out in that post where I said I was the proof I didn’t claim to be the only proof, just one example along with many others. Do you have many other examples of your proof Francesca?

    1. Now it’s dogs dying at 2 locations when at first it was one. You can’t even keep your lies straight. Nor do you mention true FACTS, such as your president being a DOCUMENTED liar, or your buddies being convicted RACKETEERS, or engaging in blackmail, or being found guilty of OUTRIGHT TRICKERATION

  47. I thought I’d go through this compilation of industry talking points like I used to in my old Ironicus Maximus days. My responses are in all caps. Sorry about that. The post wouldn’t let me use another font.

    They aren’t caged 23 hours a day, they are let out several times a day for hours at a time. NOPE. THEY CAN BE IN CRATES FOR UP TO 23 HOURS A DAY. KENNEL OWNER STEPHANIE ELDRED IN A TAPED INTERVIEW INDICATED HER DOGS WERE IN THEIR CRATES FOR OVER 21 HOURS A DAY. If they were caged 23 hours a day they would not have the muscle structure that they do, they would be fat like me. NOPE. MUSCLE ATROPHY IN THE RESULT OF NO ACTIVITY. EVEN THE LITTLE BIT GREYHOUNDS GET IS ENOUGH TO WARD IT OFF.

    All athletes are at risk of injury or death every time they compete,REALLY? GOLFERS TOO? just like all professions have a risk of injury or death when they are doing their job. EXCEPT GREYHOUNDS DIDN’T GET A CHOICE OF WHETHER THEY WANTED TO BE RACERS. By the numbers the number of dogs permanently injured or died are less that one one-thousandth of a percent of the total starts.HIDING IN STATISTICS DOESN’T EASE THE PAIN OF INJURED DOGS. DOGS INJURED AND KILLED SO YOU CAN MAKE A PROFIT.

    The greyhound dies every three days is another bold faced lie by the animal rights nut jobs. Yes, all deaths are reported even if they aren’t racing related. BUT THEY DIED IN RACING KENNELS OR OTHER AREAS ASSOCIATED WITH RACING. NO RACING, NO DEATHS. How many animals does the HSUS put down in one day??? Why don’t you crazies attack the horse racing industry? BECAUSE OUR NAME IS GREY2K. GREY AS IN GREYHOUND. GET IT?

    4D meat is a myth, greyhounds are fed meat from unproductive dairy cows mixed with kibble and rice that is a very lean meat. WHICH IS FULL OF PATHOGENS WHICH ARE A DANGER TO HUMANS AND DOGS. ASK THE DOGS THAT DIED AT DAYTONA AND SANFORD

    If you want to call them liabilities when they are retired or done racing that is your wording. In that case then anyone drawing social security, welfare, children or household pets could be considered liabilities. CHANGING THE SUBJECT DOESN’T CHANGE THE FACT. UNPROFITABLE DOGS ARE DUMPED IN THE MOST COST EFFICIENT WAY POSSIBLE. EVEN IF THAT ISN’T A LEGAL OR HUMANE WAY. At least the owners and kennels are adopting out the greyhounds an option and the adoption rate is near 100 percent, compared to over 30 years ago. ADOPTION IS BETTER NOW THAN 30 YEARS AGO, BUT IT’S LARGELY BECAUSE THE PUBLIC FOUND OUT ABOUT THE HORRIBLE FATE OF UNPROFITABLE GREYHOUNDS. NOW THE INDUSTRY IS TRYING TO MAKE A VIRTUE OF NECESSITY.

    I am not an industry expert, but I am an educated individual who is fighting for the industry even though I am not in Florida. THEN YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR CRUELTY AND ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY. LOOK AROUND YOU. Once again Grey2k needs accept the debate challenges by the experts or shut up with their lies, manipulation and theft. WE’RE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO DEBATE ANYONE, ALTHOUGH WE HAVE DEBATED “EXPERTS” IN THE PAST. JACK COREY COMES TO MIND. BESIDES, IF YOU LOOK AT EVEN A SMALL PORTION OF THE RESPONSES WE GET YOU’LL SEE THAT STICKING TO A TOPIC LIKE ONE WOULD HAVE TO DO IN A DEBATE IS NOT THE STRONG SUITE OF THE INDUSTRY.

    1. Fred let’s face the truth, I was converted years ago when the anti-racing propaganda was myth busted by seeing the truth. You’re not obligated to debate because your organization’s lies will be exposed for the public to see and donations will drop dramatically and then Chritine, Carey and Eric will have to raid their off shore accounts. Let’s not forget Christine’s ties to a terrorist organization. Let’s not forget Grey2k’s blackmail attempt in West Virginia, where greyhound racing is thriving. The dogs are treated humanely, the rate of injuries and racing related deaths are minuscule as a percentage of the whole. Even Christine or Carey have a better chance of telling the truth than a greyhound being injured or dying in a race. Grey2k needs to accept a debate with the pro-racing experts or just go away.

    1. Still not one word about the mountain of evidence of lies and fraud. Or blackmail, or being in bed with rackeeers, or having a documented liar as president. You never answered my question, why should anything you say be believed when you have a documented liar as president?

  48. Amendment 13 = decoupling = casino expansion. Isn’t that what Judge Gievers alluded to?The greyhounds are merely a red herring being used to “hide the ball”? I have to wonder how many donations to these scam activist groups and the politicians backing 13 came from casino interests.

    1. How does decoupling equate with an expansion of gambling? The expansion to card rooms and slots was a feeble attempt to keep greyhound racing alive. It’s time for greyhound racing to fade into history.

      1. It’s time for you and your criminal cohorts to fade into prison. As your buddies learned, racketeering is a crime

    1. Eric is responsible for bringing the humble pie to share with everyone besides himself; he’s eating crow. I recommend you bring a big bottle of ketchup to wash down your dinner.

    1. Sure, Eric. As soon as Grey2k and liars like you Eric renounce your THEFT of Jeff Sonksen’s videos, admit you had no right to use them, demonstrate to all Floridians how tampered with them — slowing them down, doctoring the frames, and adding creepy music — then begin showing the ORIGINAL VERSIONS as recorded live at the kennels at double the frequency you’ve already smeared the industry with the fake versions you created… then Eric and only then, would any AR liar like you have any standing to request bringing a camera to any race track for any purpose whatsoever. You trashed your reputation long ago and NOBODY has any good reason to trust you or your word. My advice is start dealing with your humiliating defeat.

  49. Before I waste my time reading your reply, George, do you have any authority to speak on the policies for these kennel tours?

    1. Quit flattering yourself, Eric. You have wasted everyone’s time for two days straight with an endless stream of lies. But if you really want to take a picture, I’m sure Jeff Sonksen would provide his comical stand-up caricatures of that serial liar Carey Theil and the mentally-unstable Christine Dorchak which I’ll happily snap the shot of you standing next to — a “team picture” of the defeated to commemorate the occasion.

  50. So you don’t have any authority to speak on the matter. Typical for you folks – making promises you can’t keep and speaking out of turn.

    1. He won’t show up for a kennel visit, he’s just a liar like all of them. Notice how he or Fred says one word about Dorchak being a documented liar etc etc. They act like it doesn’t exist. Hopefully Florida will be their downfall

    1. Fred, you and your group and your cohorts are simply liars, that’s why you won’t comment on having a proven liar as president, or HSUS paying a witness to lie. That’s why your side is guilty of ‘ crafted to mislead’

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