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Rick Scott touts education accomplishments in new ad

Days after Sen. Bill Nelson released an ad charging that Gov. Rick Scott has “failed” when it’s come to education, Scott may have the last laugh — with his own spot touting Florida accomplishments in the sphere.

A new spot from Scott, per the campaign, “highlights how Florida’s incredible economic turnaround under Governor Scott has led to unprecedented achievement and funding for education in Florida.”

The script asserts that Florida’s “strong economy” has led the state to lead in “fourth-grade reading and math scores … eighth-grade reading … High school AP classes and college education … ranked first in the nation.”

Scott links that to “our highest education funding ever,” which is a claim that doesn’t necessarily hold true in terms of real dollars.

As Politifact spotlighted in March, Scott contends that “for the sixth straight year [in the budget process], we have secured record funding for K-12 and state universities.”

The site noted that in real dollars, that didn’t hold true, and over the last decade, schools have had more unfunded mandates, such as increased safety measures and mental health, that weren’t the case pre-recession.


  1. He should brag about how he’s doing all of it “on the cheap” for the FL taxpayers. That would be more accurate. He’s clearly no mathmagician. It’s no wonder our schools are struggling.

  2. Only 1 in 5 eligible young voters voted in the last mid term election. 1 in 5…..And you wonder why Republicans have, in the last 20 straight years, turned a diverse state like Fla into a backwards wild wild west OK Corral, with a booming private prision industry, and an industrial polluter’s haven.

    They have created a pseudo conservative, evangelical backed, theocratic inspired type of government that is so hostile to public education, that we are now a dismal 48th out of 50 in teacher pay nationally, with 6000 job openings this year statewide.

    This last school year alone in Fla, Republicans threw 13,000 public high school seniors out on the streets without a high school diploma. Making them ineligible for any federal or state grants or any federal backed student loans for furthering their education, whether academic or vocational.

    Because of this draconian policy, each year Fla taxpayers waste 13 years of local property taxes, including State and Federal funds that was invested in each one of these children. Children who now have no hope for a bright future in today’s high tech, specialty skilled economy….#schooltoprisonpipeline

    All because they couldn’t pass ONE FCAT test Jeb Bush and the
    Republicans made mandatory for public school graduation…… That same test requirement by the way, private school students don’t have to take in order to receive the same high school diploma, with all the benefits that come with it.🤔 Sounds like a violation of the 14th amendment’s equal protection clause to me…. isn’t that unconstitutional!
    #AndrewGillumforflagovernor #nomorefcat #turnflablue #endrepublicanrule

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