Lenny Curry PAC rakes in $63,000 in January – Florida Politics

Lenny Curry PAC rakes in $63,000 in January

The second half of 2016 was quiet for “Build Something That Lasts,” the political committee of Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry.

The first month of 2017? A different matter.

“Build Something That Lasts” brought in $63,000 in January, with $50,000 of that from the Jacksonville Kennel Club and the other $13,000 from Vestcor Companies and subsidiaries thereof.

The committee spent a bit over $23,000 in the same period, with $17,000 of that going to Data Targeting Research for consulting.

As well, $750 of that sum went to Jacksonville disc jockey Nick Fresh, an entertainer who has a regional following, and who is apparently branching out into political events now.

The committee has just over $200,000 on hand, but a reasonable expectation is that number will balloon as Curry plans his next campaign, and as the 2019 field for City Council takes shape.

Of the 19 seats on the panel, eight will be open in 2019, and Curry almost certainly will want allies in place.

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