20-year lien dropped on Corrine Brown - Florida Politics

20-year lien dropped on Corrine Brown

Longevity runs in Corrine Brown‘s family, and that seems to be part of the calculus of a federal lien against the congresswoman-turned-felon.

A lien notice totaling $664,292 was filed this weekend. There is good news, however; 20 years after the date of filing (December 2037), Brown is freed of the obligation.

Corrine Brown was found guilty of 18 counts in the One Door for Education case. She faces a five-year prison stretch.

Currently at issue: whether Brown should be free during the appeal process. The federal government discouraged that in a motion filed in recent days.

Brown had copious support, including from national and local Democratic politicians; however, she was unable to avoid a prison sentence.

Nor was she able to avoid a lien that will haunt her for years after her prison sentence would end.

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