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‘Coward’ attacks state lawmaker’s female aide; gun control debate to blame?

Tensions are high this week, as the debate over gun control and rights rages statewide.

One legislative staffer, Sadie Haire, district aide for Jacksonville Republican Jason Fischer, a supporter of the Second Amendment, got more than words from a gun control proponent.

“On Wednesday, a man – a coward really – forced himself into my district office in Jacksonville demanding that the Legislature ban ‘assault weapons’ and other firearms,” Fischer asserted on Facebook. “He then attacked my district aide and said he was trying to prove a point about ‘gun control.’”


Fischer related that the man came in upset about the failed attempt to get a ban on assault weapons considered in the House. He said the man demonstrated his outrage by “slamming [Haire] into the door violently.”

“This coward was inspired to violence by the political stunt that one of my colleagues pulled on Tuesday,” Fischer said. “There is no justification, political or otherwise, for violently attacking an innocent person.”

Fischer’s office didn’t have the best security. There was no camera system so that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office could be given a picture, Fischer said.

The office is now closed, while Fischer figures out what can be done, he said. He said he’s reached out to the House sergeant-at-arms. Relocation options could include a private building with stronger security or a government building.

Fischer said this isn’t the first time someone has come into the office to confront staff, but this incident is different.

“I’m so upset he took [his anger] out on a young female staffer,” Fischer said.

As Florida continues to process the aftermath of Parkland and policy going forward, it’s clear that tensions are running high, and legislators and their staff might need better security than previously thought.


  1. “As Florida continues to process the aftermath of Parkland and policy going forward, it’s clear that tensions are running high, and legislators and their staff need better security than what previously was thought.”

    Looks like the “guns for everyone” crowd are the cowards for not passing meaningful legislation and now they are reaping what they hath sown and now cower in fear at the demon they have let loose! Now you know how our children feel.

  2. So there is no proof that anything happened other than Jason Fischer’s word and he was 120 miles away in Tallahassee. Got it.

  3. Listen this is my neice and she’s not going to lie about something like this. She’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I think you need to apologise.

  4. Typical republican politician, trying to play the victim when the MAJORITY are against their policies. He should resign and stay home with his guns Since they matter more to him than the life of children. The NRA is a terrorist organization.

    1. Yep almost as bad as the Democratic party, trying their best to hand this country over to illegal immigrants and those that practice the Islamic religion. Go hide under a rock.

  5. Guns aren’t the issues. Democrats, Liberals and Immigrants are the issue. Take all of them out of the US and we are sooooo much better off. So keep you’re pie hole shut.

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