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Democrat Ken Organes banks $11K for challenge to Jason Fischer

House District 16, a seat on the Southside of Jacksonville, is a reliably Republican seat.

The district leans Republican with a 55,593 to 35,171 voter registration advantage over Democrats, according to LobbyTools.

Rep. Jason Fischer faced no Democratic opposition in 2016. And predecessor Charles McBurney had the same luck.

2018 is a different matter, however, with Ken Organes carrying the Democratic banner.

Organes, buoyed by $7,500 of his own money, tallied $11,743 off of 34 total contributions. Aside from the candidate’s stake, the vast majority of donations were $100 and below.

The former CSX employee still has a ways to go to catch Fischer, who recorded no April fundraising either for his campaign account or that of his Conservative Solutions for Jacksonville political committee.

The campaign account has $82,000 on hand, and the committee has nearly $35,000.

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  1. What percentage of Fischer’s $82k was from his charter school employer? What’s good for Jason is good for Jason. No conflict of interest there. Fischer is a puppet.

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