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Northeast Florida ballot moves: Kim Daniels runs unopposed, Aaron Bean draws second challenger

As qualifying quickly approaches for state races, two Northeast Florida incumbents face changes that will affect their 2018 campaigns.

Rep. Kim Daniels, a Jacksonville Democrat, currently is running unopposed after perennial third-party candidate Darcy Richardson opted to run for Governor on the Reform Party line.

Richardson called Daniels a “disgrace” and worse, and said he was “running to win,” However, the call of a statewide campaign clearly proved impossible to ignore.

As of the end of April, Daniels had just over $15,000 cash on hand. But as things stand, she will waltz unopposed to re-election.

Sen. Aaron Bean, a Republican representing some of Duval and all of Nassau County, will face not one but two opponents on the November ballot.

Democratic activist Billie Bussard is the first and only Democrat filed, joining Libertarian Joanna Liberty Tavares on the ballot.

Bussard and Tavares face long odds. Bean is an incumbent in a deep red district and, as of the end of April, had $190,000 banked between his campaign account and that of his Florida Conservative Alliance political committee.


  1. Can we just be honest and relabel these political committee funds as “Corporate Bribe Funds”?


    The above link will show information on Senator Bean’s campaign contributors. Banks, Lawyers, Lobbyists – there all there. One contributor of interest is the “Gunter Law Firm” that receives questionable fees for 3rd party services from Wells Fargo. Gunter Law Firm has deep pockets when it comes to campaign contributions – giving to both Republican and Democratic candidates. One of Gunter’s services is White Collar Criminal Defense. They have also donated to Pam Bondi and Jeff Atwater. All of these officials are perceived to have turned a blind eye to complaints against various operators in the Financial Services Industry. Complaints relating to False Financial Reporting and Financial Elder Abuse is something that should concern all Floridians.

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