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Huge haul: Lenny Curry rakes in $244K June money for re-election

Though much attention has justifiably been paid this week to an “international scam” that saw a political action committee of Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry bilked out of $120,000 (most of which since repaid by the campaign treasurer), the reality is that Curry continues to bank ahead of a re-election campaign against candidates who can’t fundraise.

June was a typical month for Team Curry: $33,125 in hard money, and $211,000 for his re-election committee, Jacksonville On the Rise. (“Build Something That Lasts,” the committee that was scammed by a Nigerian/Luxembourgian conspiracy, reported no funds raised).

All told, the Curry operation has nearly $1.75 million on hand, against four filed candidates who have raised, between them, just over $1,500.

Among the interesting hard money donors: trial lawyers Eddie and Chuck Farah.

The soft money donations were heavy on contractors, suggesting that yet another corner of the business community wants four more years.

Though there has been rampant speculation that Anna Brosche or Garrett Dennis, two Jacksonville City Councilors, are looking at the seat, the reality is that Curry’s fundraising isn’t slowing down, and time is ticking for a challenge to materialize and ramp up a campaign operation.

When Curry challenged Alvin Brown in the 2015 election, he filed in June 2014; however, he laid the groundwork for a run months before, discouraging other Republicans who may have been eyeing a challenge.

It doesn’t seem that groundwork is being laid by a potential challenger at this writing.

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  1. Shad has been bilking $$ out of Jax for years. What’s another $125k? Shad can reimburse him that amount with the change between his couch cushions. I’m more worried about Lenny’s operation. He’s an accountant right? Why did it take ao long to notice this? I guess he’s no math magician.

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