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‘America’s Mayor’ Rudy Giuliani slams ‘failed Mayor’ Andrew Gillum

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani bolstered the gubernatorial campaign of Ron DeSantis on Sunday in Daytona.

“America’s Mayor,” who was in prime form at his first stop for the campaign, was most quotable when bashing Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum.

Calling Gillum a “socialist” and a “failed mayor running for governor,” Giuliani said the election would be a ten-point spread “if the media covered it fairly.”

“How about just fair coverage? How about the good things Ron DeSantis might have done … instead of the one or two things he might have done wrong, I don’t know what they are,” Giuliani said.

“Don’t try to fool us with a failed Mayor … with an anti-Israel, anti-law enforcement mayor,” Giuliani said (seemingly rhetorically) to the Democratic Party.

Giuliani wondered how “the guy who set the record for the most murders [in the history of Tallahassee] has the balls to run for anything else.”


“He doesn’t know what he’s doing. I could tell him how to reduce crime in Tallahassee … he set his own record, like Babe Ruth,” Giuliani said.

Much of Giuliani’s commentary involved musings about how biased reporting was misinterpreting the Trump movement.

Giuliani was joined by Attorney General Pam Bondi, who said DeSantis was a “prosecutor. That’s what we need right now, not someone being investigated.”


  1. Why would Florida want to put a failed Mayor in office of Governor. He might even wind up in prison for bribes and kickbacks? A joke or what?

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