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Jacksonville police union backs Al Lawson, snubs Alvin Brown again

U.S. Rep. Al Lawson‘s re-election campaign rolled out an endorsement Wednesday from the Jacksonville Fraternal Order of Police.

The local is backing Lawson, a first-term Democrat from Tallahassee, in his primary challenge from Alvin Brown, a former Jacksonville Mayor.

Brown didn’t even sit for an interview with the union — and given Lawson’s history of support for and from law enforcement (his first FOP endorsement was in 1982), an interview may not have mattered.

FOP head Steve Zona offered a ringing testimonial for Lawson, noting that “public safety in Jacksonville is your turf.”

Lawson, meanwhile, told the officers on hand that “you don’t have to worry about where I stand. I stand with you.

Brown is now 0-for-3 in FOP endorsement battles. He didn’t secure the FOP endorsement in 2011; that went to Mike Hogan.

In 2015, the FOP backed Lenny Curry over Brown.

Meanwhile, the state FOP endorsed Lawson in his race against former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown in 2016; this time out, there clearly was no reason for the union to deviate from established protocol.

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  1. I wish republicans & dinos like lawson would throw money at public schools the way they make it rain for law enforcement & charter schools. Then again teachers unions aren’t their biggest supporters either. To hell with public school students. Nothing some more prisons can’t solve.

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