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Paula Wright to challenge Kim Daniels in HD 14 Dem primary

Arguably, the most iconoclastic Democrat in the Florida Legislature, Rep. Kim Daniels appeared poised to sail to re-election.

Now, she will have a primary challenge from Duval County School Board Chair Paula Wright.

Wright qualified just before the noon Friday deadline and told Florida Politics that education issues are motivating her run.

When asked to appraise Daniels’ performance in Tallahassee, Wright withheld comment.

Daniels, an evangelist by trade, has just under $11,000 in her campaign account, a low number for an incumbent. However, she demonstrated an ability to self-finance in her 2016 race.

Interestingly, two politicians in Daniels’ orbit — Jacksonville City Councilman Reggie Brown and former Daniels’ aide Roshanda Jackson — filed to run primary challenges against State Sen. Audrey Gibson and Rep. Tracie Davis, respectively.


There were strong suggestions from allies of Gibson and Davis that Daniels had a hand in those candidacies.

Brown was indicted on federal fraud charges and suspended from City Council, and raised no money for his Senate bid. He pleaded poverty and has a court-appointed lawyer.

Jackson had $800 on hand at the end of May.

At this writing, neither qualified.


  1. The state website still lists Wright as ‘active’. I’m looking for another candidate. How can I see if they’ve qualified?

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