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Nancy Soderberg, Michael Waltz plan two debates

Democrat Nancy Soderberg and Republican Michael Waltz in Florida’s 6th Congressional District will have two debates between now and Election Day.

The Soderberg campaign announced Wednesday that WESH-TV would host the first debate on Oct. 2.

The second debate. hosted by Stetson University and Daytona Beach News-Journal, has yet to be finalized.

“The families of Florida’s 6th District want a representative who listens to them, who understands their struggles, and who will be a staunch advocate for their interests in Congress,” Soderberg said.

“Debates are an important part of our discourse in American politics. They give us the opportunity to take our message directly to voters and to address the challenges they and their families are facing. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to debate Michael Waltz on stage, and to let folks here see for themselves the clear differences of direction and leadership we are offering voters,” Soderberg added.

Soderberg and Waltz are running to succeed Ron DeSantis, who resigned last week to focus on running for Governor.

Though the district has been historically Republican, Soderberg has reasons for confidence.

The former Clinton-era Ambassador to the United Nations has raised over $2 million (nearly double Waltz’s haul), and is polling in a dead heat with Waltz, a former Green Beret and aide to Vice President Dick Cheney.


  1. Nancy Soderberg is the real deal, an inspiring and knowledgeable woman with the qualities that will serve everyone in Florida superbly.

  2. What’s the real deal? At primary time, only about 40 CD6 residents had contributed to her campaign (8 in Ormond Beach, only 2 people in Daytona Beach, 17 in DeLand, 3 in Palm Coast and 3 in New Smyrna Beach). But 450 from DC, 250 from NYC and about 100 from Boston. She had more donors from San Francisco Bay area than all of Volusia/Flagler. And, she had two well-known and respected local primary opponents who put up absolutely no fight at all, just let her walk in and buy the primary. Just another Obama – Hillary progressive liberal.

    1. You are absolutely WRONG. Hundreds and hundreds of CD6 people have contributed $18 which you will not see on the FEC register which only records Large donations. Her opponents put up a fierce fight. You obviously weren’t there.

  3. Wally Waltz is also a creature of DC. He is a swamp creature just like food ole Nancy. Once again we will be left out of true representation.

  4. With over 7,000 individual donations to her campaign, and a ground game that would make the Jaguars envious, Nancy Soderberg has demonstrated that she truly represents Florida’s treasure coast, and not the lunatics in the White House.

  5. Has anyone read the real history regarding that poor soldier Bowe Bergdahl? Apparently he should never have been allowed in the Army because he had been discharged from the Coast Guard for mental issues. When he left on that fateful day, he was hoping to be picked up by MPs to be taken to Army higher ups. Unfortunately he was captured and very quickly removed to Pakistan. When the army conducted raids on the Afghanistan people, they knew he was not there. Michael Waltz, who had VP Dick Cheney’s ear surely knew that Bergdahl was not in Afghanistan, yet he allowed the farce to continue and endangered the soldiers he commanded. What kind of leader is this?

  6. No question her FEC report is impressive and tad longer than a drug store cash register receipt, but almost no and I mean NO money from CD6. She had two opponents who never answered the bell. They collectively wasted well over $1 million, thankfully most of it their own. Weirdest no-fight congressional campaign (R or D) I ever saw. Like they were all running for junior class president. Judicial races had far more action, and they are highly constrained. Yes, Jaguars, but vs, Pop Warner at best. If elected, she’ll care for the residents of CD6 about as much as Waltz (and De Santis for that matter), but at least he is not an open-borders, no-ICE lefty and I get to keep my gun and more of my money, all of which is antithetical to the people in CA, VA, DC, NY and MA who gave her most of her money. That’s the people she’ll be representing.

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